List of words that fit into the Time/ Number category, before during second after early chief later was begin former highest when current other continue another until earliest latest eventually foremost first whiie in addition to

Exercise: Jumbled Commitment Paragraph.

Combine the previous three categories into one super paragraph. Use as many as you can while persuading someone to understand the benefits of committing to a relationship with you. Assume you have been dating awhile. Make this fun and a little nonsensical. The point of this exercise is the process of using it, not whether you decide to actually ever use this paragraph in the real world


During our time together. I was wondering if you have ever considered the chief benefit of deciding to begin a monogamous relationship with that one's special person you find attraction.

As you begin to consider all the obvious reasons to make a commitment NOW, doesn't it seem natural to feel more excited about our relationship.

The Where Category






Spatial words are used to signify or create a relationship between two things. Also, these words evoke powerful imagery in the mind of the listener. Think of the spatial relationship.


1. To increase your ever growing desire to be successful, you must stretch your imagination.

2. From among the hundred of choices you have as women, you can always expand those choices by implementing these language patterns naturally into your speech

3. As you expand your knowledge, you appreciation of this information grows beyond your previous expectations!

4. As your affection for me expands, are you realizing how incredibility happy you are to be with me.

5. Inside your mind, your internal voice may go down as your thoughts proceed beyond traditionairomantic intentions.

List of words that fit into the Where cateeorv.

again along among apart from around aside from behind below beneath beyond along with down from above in including frombehind into from under inplaceof without

Off on out of round short of through toward under uncover off the top underlying touching close (er) near (er) further expanded enlarge (ed, ing) proceed (ed, ing) withdraw (ing) undergone upward Oy) dissect cut away lower separate amplify develop enlarge evolve extend increase release spread unfold unfurl stretch reach range bounds breadth

Exerciser Wnle three sentences of vourown

The Cause & Effect Category

This is an extremely powerful category. It is the natural way we normally express our beliefs. It is also the most basic expression of pacing and leading. You can also create illogical logic! You create realities that sound logical, but really aren't, but are accepted as true.




Use these rules to make this pattern simple:

C. Most importantly, any X can cause any Y!


1. As you smile like that, you make both of us glow.

2. The intense feeling of our attraction causes unpure intentions to pop into mind? Can you see those thoughts now?

3. You warm heart kindles my desire to go deeper into the relationship.

4. Thinking your next thought causes you to agree with me that you need to really master this material,

5. Simply saying that excuse causes you to understand why you already don't believe it.

6. Being here creates an understanding to our relationship. And, as you completely abso that feeling, it will cause you to know why it will be the right thing for you to do.

One particularly effective method is to wait until the person you are speaking with says something positive and then you say: "That's a good point and just understanding that point causes you to realize the full value of my proposition. '

More Cause and Effect Words kindles forces brings to pass constitutes build initiate prompt proves makes creates cause create inspire remind generates invokes verifie s activate encourage make starts since settles justifies arouse excite motivate prompts causes stimulates determines bring on incite produce

Exercise: Write one sentence using a cause and effect.

Another form of Cause and Effect is called Implied Cause and Effect. These words LINK one action to another.

It uses AND and AS.

1. As you learn these word patterns, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

2. As you sit here with me, you will begin to notice the attraction growing.

3. As the realization begins to sink in of how natural this feels, you will become stronger each time we touch.

Exercise: Write three nf vour own using ^ and effects.

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