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Insert the Fluidity of Thought trait intoyournanawriting. This will support the fluid sentence structure as these language patterns roll of your tongue easily. (Interconnected figure 8 loops.)


Quotes are a powerful way to introduce a thought, concept, or idea into someone's mind without having to take responsibility for saying it. You can use it in any context. It is useful using the cause and effect language patterns.

One of my past girlfriends, Lisa, was really good at using quotes to mess with people. We used to go shoot pool and find ourselves winning over much more talented opponents. It seems often just as our opponent would take a shot, Lii would be telling a story like,"My friend Joe, always would MISS IT TO THE LEFT," And a funny thing happened, the shooter missed it to the left and his name wasn't even Joe. Is that fair?

Use quotes to embed commands you want their unconscious to respond to but their conscious mind to ignore.


'The strangest thing happened last weekend. This woman walked right up to this guy and said,"Could you image you and I embracing in a long passionate kiss, right now?' Wasn't that a strange this to just come out and say to someone? People never cease to amaze me. "

"Yesterday, I was sitting here watching the a couple at the bar. He looked up at her and said in a sexy voice, "Can you imagine stripping off all your clothes and having me make love to you right now, on thii very bar!" Wow! Can you believe he said that? What would you think if that happened to you?'

"Mommy! Mommy! John was angry and he said "eat me, Bitch " right to her mom!" Does the little kid get in trouble? No, he didn't say it.


Write 3 sentences using quotes to elicit a thought or process you would like someone to have.

Dangerous Words

But If

Would have Should have

Try Might Could have Can't / Don't

But - negate-any words that are stated before it. If - Presupposed that you may not.

Would have - past tense that draws attention to things that didn't happen. Should have - past tense that draws attention to things that didn't happen. Could have - past tense that draws attention to things that didn't happen. Try - presupposes failure.

Might - it does nothing definite. It leaves options for your listener.

Can't I Don't - these words forces the listener to focus on exactly the opposite of what you want. This is a classic mistake that parents and coaches use without knowing the damage.

Ex. "Don't drop the ball!" Result: Drops the balL

"You can't 'watch T.V." Result: Focus on watching TV.

"A Chieftain who asks the wrong questions always hear the wrong answers" -Attila the Hun

IE: 'Why don't von find me attractive." Pre-supposed you are unattractive. Rewritten 'What about me do you find attractive." Pre-supposes that some part of you is attractive..

Always assume compliance, rapport, and attractiveness. Watch what words you use.

Exercise: listvour most common dangerous phrases that vou will avoid.

The Blatant Commands Category

This is a very subtle (although blatant compared to embedded commands) and powerful way to tell someone exactly what to do, without any conscious resistance. Any verb, using the right tonality emphasis can be a command.


These particular words, Stop and Now, serve as very powerful abrupt shifts in consciousness. The word Stop will interrupt anyone's thought process and hang on your next word. It is called a pattern interrupt.

1. "Stop., .and start to see things differently."

2. "Stop.. .and notice how things are beginning to change as we speak."

3. "As you begin to realize all the Magic these words give you to influence others effectively, you'll begin to discover your ever increasing enthusiasm for mastering it - NOW - let's keep practicing on putting more of the patterns together, shall we?!

Pattern Interrupts

When someone starts to ramble or access a state that is not supportive of your outcome, you must interrupt the process before the state takes over. You could throw water in her face, spit on him, or yell "fire." Any of these will probably change the person's state rather abruptly. However, it would be nice if the next state s/he adopts is one of rapport with you.

One client came into the office and started crying hysterically and uncontrollably. The doctor calmly looked at her and said,"Stop. We haven't begun yet. " So, she got hold of herself and waited until the therapy began. Ha.

That's the difference between you. Feel comfortable as we are speaking.

(This method is tricky, but by leaving a sentence hanging, you will literally tilt someone's head and start their brain spinning. While they access what you are about to, or should, be saying next, you can pepper their brain with commands and bypass any logical thinking that might have resisted it.) Obviously, this technique works better in person than written

Exercise: Write down a few'examoles you could use immediately


Embedded Commands In The Sentence Structure


A person can

It's not necessary to . . . You really shouldn't.. You don't have to... Could you... Have you ever... What if you could...

Command Verbs become think about get experience remember forget fall feel envision imagine foreseen hear

Target State turned on fantastic sex excited total fascination having great sex all the pain in love absolute lust perfection mysterious true love rapid breathing

I'm not Are you can you begin to suggesting that implying that expand


Person A states a Softener...

Person B completes it with a Command Verb and Target State. Exercise

On paper, create your own phrases using these words and others not on this list.

Then, verbally, put them into a paragraph using your own context.

(The chart on this page is a derivative of a similar chart in concept first aeated by Ross Jeffries used in his Secrets of Speed Seduction seminars. For more information about Ross Jeffries or a free catalog call 1-703-791-6421 )


Tonality is soooooo important.

Exercise: Everyone say OOOOOHHHHHHH, AAAAHHHHHH, MMMMMMM. You will use these sounds during a seduction.

Note internal voices and which direction they come.

Find voice inside that has fear. Voice that takes action.

Sound waves. Commands turn down at end. Questions go up.

Command Question

"Soldier, twenty push ups." vs "Soldier, twenty push ups?

Tonality and timing is essential in embedded commands. Pause before part of the sentence that contains the command This is called "marking" the word. This highlights the upcoming phrase so the person is pays special attention to it.

Example "It is so interesting when two people begin to (pause) think things differently?

Consciously, the sentence makes sense, even though you paused. The unconscious pays special attention and notices the tonality that you used. It understands the sentence on two levels. You gave it a command to think things differently. Mark those commands with power and confidence. If you are too subtle, it won't work as effectively.

You must communicate with confidence in your outcome. Tonality communicates more effectively than the choice of vocabulary. Have you ever asked,"Honey, what's wrong? NOTHING! (harsh, sour, short voice.) was your Honey's response. Tone speaks louder than words.

So, if you want to play a trick on someone's conscious mind, ask a question with a command sound wave.

"Do you ever LOSE control of your bladder?

You should actually use these sounds during your conversations to elicit states. If your date says/This is really a romantic restaurant " You say,"MMMMMmmmmm, it sure it, isn't it?

Command Question

Super Sentences Using Magic Phrases

Have you already discovered how naturally you can develop a connection with someone you just met?

When you experience the power of these strategies, you will be thrilled at the level of passion you will experience.

Naturally, and I will want to duplicate the excitement we feel, so let's discuss what we will do on our next date.

You may wonder how much trouble we can get into together

Have you become aware of how fast you and I are clicking tonight?

Naturally, the 2-Day seminar has a monetary investment. As you know, most incredibly valuable require an investment that seems absolutely fair when you STOP to consider how good you, feel having made the decision to buy.

As you start experiencing the incredible results, this product provides, don't you feel good now? [ This sentence sounds "pushy". Be more indirect.]

Rewritten: If you begin to wonder how good you will feel when the product indeed performs superbly, can you see the immediate benefit it can have for you.

Naturally, when you grasp the truth that thinking and understanding persuasive language patterns is your ticket to accomplishing what you want out of life, you will immediately begin to consider all the other applications are discovering and you now know this is for you.

Can you feel a bit of that instantaneous connection we are experiencing?

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