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1. Access the state inside yourself. Go into state.

2. Ask questions about the state. "Can you remember a time you absolutely had to have someone and you went for him/her? What did you feel like right at the instant that you made the decision to do it?

3. Be congruent. If you want to elicit the state of happiness, put a smile on and BE HAPPY!

4. Have them associate into the experience. Have them see themselves through their own eyes and see, hear, and feel the things they saw, heard, and felt.

First, let's learn state elicitation. How can you elicit a state? There are some useful steps to follow to'do this.

Associated =

Dissociated =

What are some useful states to elicit?

1. Excitement 5.

2. wanton Desire 6.

3. Curiosity 7.

4. Inebriation 8.

Two Primarv Wavs to Elicit Anv State

1. Use emotionally evocative words in your speech or written communication.

2. Use the evocative tonality when describing the state.

3. Ask the person to tell you directly what it is like when you experience X. You can ask 'What's it like to be completely XT (Aroused, intrigued, depressed, etc.)


An anchor is an event that immediately creates an involuntary physical or mental response. The classical anchor was the bell that Pavlov rang that triggered his dog to start salivating and fantasizing about a bowl of Alpo. You can have anchors that function is any of the five representational systems. Below is a list of common anchors. Identify which representation system it occurs. Some can have more than one.

Green light Cough uniform Food on a plate Itch

Cigarette smoke Door Slam Handshake Coffee perking

Bell on microwave Siren

Smell of fish Smile

Untied shoelace Telephone ring Lawnmower mowing American flag Car taillight

Waving Favorite Song Doorbell

Fingernails on blackboard Doubled fist Factory Whistle Perfume

Alarm clock ringing Sneeze

Baby crying

Setting Anchors

Create or notice a specific state you would like to be able to recreate. Choose and set the anchor. (Touch, make a sound, make a certain facial expression, etc.) Repeat the procedure a few times. Test it, Fire anchor. Do you get the state back?

General Procedure:

1. Elicit your target state in a person.

2. At the peak of the state, set your anchor (stimulus).

3. Watch carefully to analyze if they are truly at the peak of state.

4. Release your anchor as they begin to come off the peak of state.

5. Test

6. Repeat the process until you can fire anchor and response state is involuntary.

Application of An Anchor

Application of An Anchor

Exact Procedure:

1. Have your ever experienced X?

2. Go inside and see what you saw, hear what you heard, feel how it felt, and when those feelings of X reach their peak, simply wiggle your finger for me. (Choose any signal.)

3. Anchor that peak state as signal goes. (words with specific tonality or touch.)

4. Think of something neutral, 'Think of my shirt"

5. anchor unexpectedly. Watch for response neurologically.

6. Repeat process until the anchor gets the desires response. Comments of Live Demonstration:

Theory: Any time someone is in an intense emotional experience, at the peak, if a specific stfmulus is activated, the stimulus and the state are linked neurologically.

Anchoring helps us gain access to past states and assist in linking the past to the present. Kevs to Anchoring

Intensity of State

Timing (Peak of Experience) Uniqueness of Stimulus Replication of Stimulus

Ways to Identify State Changes

Note Changes is Breathing:

location, pauses, rate, volume Voice tempo. predicates (representational system vocabulary), timbre, tone, volume

Eye Movement Lower Lip size Posture

Muscle Tension Pupil Dilation Facial Expressions skin Color


"The art of winning a war is to accurately predict your enemies next move. " — Anonymous general in some unknown war with some insignificant country a long time ago.

Know your answers before you are asked the questions.


"I teach people quick personality analysis and persuasion techniques that people learn to improve their relationships, create sexual chemistry, and change their lives !'


"By incorporating the highly sophisticated human behavioral techniques of Neuro-linguistic programming, Time-line therapy, and handwriting analysis into an easy to learn system."


"Of course. If you find the the mind fascinating and you really enjoy learning new and excited methods of making your life better, you can understand and use these techniques almost immediately. The first step is to read my book or attend one of my seminars. If this really interest you, I'll be glad to take your name and address and invite you to the next FREE LECTURE."

Sample Dialogue.

"Isn't it excited to meet fascinating people? One of the reason I come to events like this is because I always seem to become aquainted with someone that completely intrigues me. Have you met that one person that sparks that.. .you know... curiosity? "

"I'm sorry, I obviously didn't introduce myself. That explains it. My name is_*

Now, perhaps you have. I'm beginning to wonder if you are fascinating and intriguing. What's the most interesting thoughts you are having tonight?'

The Confession

This technique assumes a level of intimacy and trust.

Tell a person a confession. "Can I tell something just between us?

"Can I tell you what I really think about "Can you keep a secret?"

How to blur the line of truth and opinion

Pacing with obvious true statements

Gain agreement with obviously true statements before you offer your opinion.

"He is standing over there, wearing that black suit, smoking that cigarette, and thinking he is soooo cool." The last statement is an opinion but sounds like fact.

"You and I are here. We both came here alone. It's getting late. It's time we get outa here." Again, the last statement is an opinion but sounds like fact.


Binds are when you link one statement (that they accept as true) with another statement you want them to accept as true. It is great if there is any form of diiagreement. You simply link the tendency to disagreewith the subject you want agreement.

The single bind format: The more youX, the more you Y.

'The more you feel a lack of trust, the more you will realize you really want to trust me completely."

'The more you try and object, the more you will find yourself going along with these ideas completely. "

'The more you don't comply, the more you will find yourself complying anyway." 'The more you argue your opinion, the more you will the truth in what I am saying." W ite down vour own examples. 1. 2.

Questioning Tactics

Some people assume that everybody has the same model of the world as they do. If you say it is wrong to cheat, steal, or lie, you are assuming everyone's model of the world is the same as yours. Now, if someone makes a statement using these global assumptions, you should realize how to counteract that assumption. Saying one of the following questions will cause the person to realize the source of for validating their opinion. When someone states that 'L.A. is a diicult town for single people', they are dissociated from what they are saying. In other words, they are not taking ownership or responsibiity for what they are saying.

To challenge this:

1. According to whom?

Once they take responsibility for what they are saying, they will realize it is their personal belief and not a truth of the world.Only then, they might consider changing that belief.

Examples of these statements:

"I am not attractive."

"I am fat"

"He doesn't like me." "Iknow I'm not wanted here."

How do you know?

This pattern is amazingly powerful to challenge anyone's beliefs. If a person says,'? think I need to sleep on this before I make a decision" , you could say, "how do you know?" If they say it's just a feeling, you can say, 'How do you know it is just a feeling that tells you to wait Perhaps it is a feeling of anticipation because you really want it, right now. As you recognize it for what it is, NOW, don't you feel better?'

Cause & Effect Assumption

This is a statement that states that some action by one person is directly responsible for another, person to think, do, or feel something.

Many people accept the idea that one person can say or do something and CAUSE another person to feel a certain way. You know inside that that person does indeed have control of their own internal process and can choose to feel happy, sad, excited or angry. This also presupposes that they have no control over their own emotions and actions, they just helplessly respond. Obviously, this is untrue.

Ex. "You make me mad when you say that."

"I can't make buy that right now, I have to look around."

The challenge for this logic is:

2. How does some behavior or X person cause you to choose to Y?

Other Verbal Tactics

People use words that remove choice.

Watch for words such as: impossible, unable, mustn't,. can't. Challenge:

2. What would happen if you ...(could/did/did not?)

People tend to use words that assume the whole world is in agreement with them.

Watch for words like: never, all, every, everybody, no one, each, and etc. Challenge

1. Use the same word as a challenge. Like, ALL?

Ex: 'No one has sex on the first date anymore?' You reply, "No one?'

2. Reverse what is said and put it in their own words.

Ex. "Everyone knows we shouldn't be doing this. You reply, 'What is it that you know you shouldn't do?'.'

Future Pacing

This technique is to take the subject to a time in the future and see/hear/feel himself making a decision right there. Or, you can have the subject see clearly a future event that you want to happen.


This technique will enable you to make sure that once you secure a commitment or agreement, they won't back out or change their mind in the future.

The Procedure:

1. Get a commitment to something.

2. Create a situation in the future where that commitment might be challenged.

3. As them what will cause them to keep their commitment anyway.

This technique is actually a TIME-RELEASED Suggestion. When the situation arises, the memory of the reason to keep the commitment will magically pop into their mind.

Long Term Relationships

This technique will enable you to have the person feel totally comfortable with the idea of committing to a long term relationship with you.

The Procedure:

1. Get the person in the state of being happy with you. (This technique works great after sex

2. Have him/her imagine a time in the future when s/he is looking back on this particular event (conversation, sex, dinner, etc.) Choose a specific time: 6 months, 2 years, 10 years,etc.

3. As they look at this event from a future location tell them this was the start of the time in between of happiness, total satisfaction, great sex, and the love affair they had always dreamed of.

Example: Him:

'This is really great, but I've been hurt before. What if this doesn't last?'

beingigs of


This process is for those that feel comfortable analyzing a prospect's handwriting. To do this proficiently, you' should have read The Secrets To Making Love Happen and own a Graph-Deck Handwriting Trait Cards to practice. Refer to the trait dictionary for exact definitions of each personality characteristic and a sample of the individual stroke.

You can use this as an ice-breaker for someone you've just met or you can do this on one of the first few dates to "gain more insight" into the person. In either case, you have an unprecedented opportunity to crawl inside his or her brain and leave trails of intimacy. In other words, as you describe someone's personality to a "t", s/he will be in a natural state of fascination and undivided attention. Use this opportunity to deepen the levels of rapport and embed, embed, embed commands. The person you analyzed should walk away not only being impressed because you knew so much from handwriting alone, but completely attached to you because "you understand me like nobody else in the whole world " In addition to that level of rapport, as you describe traits she likes in a person, you happen to fulfill all of that criteria. Experiment with the descriptions and word phrases to best suite your own personality.

These pattern work equally well on women or men. Make adjustments to fit the particular gender you are seducing.

Separate patterns for each handwriting trait Stinger pattern Needs a challenge

You need a challenge. In fact, if you meet a man that is too weak, desperate or needy, (point away from you) you just get turned off by the thought of that. On the other hand, you seem to become attracted to someone that can speak to you with confidence, decisiveness, and power. This is because a part of you desires the strength of a really strong man, while another part of you resents his power. over you. While this internal feeling begins to happen, the child _ part of you opens just wants to be loved by that strong man, respecting his power. It seems like the stronger the man, the more valuable his affection could be.

You arc patiently waiting for the day when you find the man the is strong enough to meet your internal criteria for strength, but at the same time, he can appreciate the gentleness of your need to be loved. This man will be able to be kind, gentle, and isn't afraid to be really nice to you.

Because in the past, you have been attracted to JERKS. You know that these jerks were strong alright, but part of that perceived strength came from their fear of being open, honest, and showing their insecurities. Inside, you know that a man who can't show his feelings and won't open up to you is really VERY WEAK and that's when you decide to LOOK FOR SOMEONE ELSE. You knew that, and you yearn for the day when a STRONG MAN can also show open up to you. When that happens, it will feel so strong, so right. Like a wave of emotion just flows up through your chest while every cell says 'Yes. Yes." [anchor]

When you FIND that someone special will look him in the eye and realize that anytime he is nice, he is coming from that internal power you respect and admire. You can end this game of chase and fmally be totally satisfied with that strong man RIGHT HERE. The one you really desire.

Don't you agree that you could just go inside and say 'Wow! I've got to have him." That is what your need for a challenge is all about, don't you feel that way, now?

(The reason this works is it a perfect match for their own internal experiences, because they want strength but also matches their fantasy at the deepest level therefore putting them into an incredible pleasurable state.)

Big internal sex drive uattern

AB writer with huge lower loops.

Meaning: Emotionally unexpressive and huge sexual imagination.

You say,"According to your handwriting you have a vivid imagination about what you want sexually., In fact, because you don't always express your feelings, there are many times when you GO INSIDE and fantasize in a verv erotic fashion. I bet very few men really understand how to really satisfy you in the.. you know.. that way. Your sex drives are very strong. Inside, you keep dreaming of meeting a man that can just walk into your life and crawl inside your mintd) and go with you to that erotic place that only you used to onlv go alone Finally, you could have those unspeakable sexual desires, totally ratified."

Now, if you ask yourself if I'm right. You don't have to answer out loud, because a part of you likes to keep some secrets. It might show up on your face the next time you think of me. I think you realize I under&r&you. "

What is so interesting about your sex drives is that you GO INSIDE and Visualize wild.. . passionate . . .sex.. . that only you ipause) know how good it really can be. You dream about fmding someone that really understands you so that person can come inside you to experience the kind of ecstasy and sexual satisfaction that you privately fantasize about. Doesn't that describe your thoughts about sex? Wouldn't it be nice to finally have met someone that understands you on that kind of level? (Point to yourself)

(She may need a cigarette if you did it convincingly. Panty check)

Stubborn Pattern

When you make up your mind, you don't want to confused with the facts. Even though when logic suggest you are mistaken, you may find it diicult to change your mind. In other words, can be stubborn. I'm not sure stubbornness is always a negative trait like some would suggest. There has probably been times when you met someone you really liked, instantly, maybe in a romantic way. And sometime in the future, someone criticizes that person, and you stood up for them., because you had made up your mind who you choose to become intimate with, and you will stand by that decision no matter what others say. In that case, I believe your conviction can be very appealing. Don't you find that to be true?

Dual Personality Pattern

You sometimes have difficulty making a decision. Some people say you have two people inside of you urging you to choose one way or the other. One side of you is very logical and tries veiy hard tor you to listen to logic. On the other hand, you often prefer to go with your gut feelings and really enjoy yourself. It's like when you meet someone you feel instantly attracted to. One part of your brain (point to your right palm) says "No, it's too soon, you just met, its dangerous, yak, yak,yak." And the other part of your brain, the seductive side, the side you redly prefer to listen to says in your most convincing voice "He's really cute, you can't afford to miss out on this one, you should go for it, NOW. When I look at him/her (pull your left hand in front of your own face) I just melt, Go for it. " When that happens you have the two voices but one just seems more like it really knows what you want. (hold up left palm and hide right hand behind your back.)

sensitive to Criticism pattern this pattern when you notice a large loop in the lower case d.)

"You are very sensitive to what people think about you. In fact, it could be one of your best and worst characteristics? "

What do you mean?

"Sometime is someone is too sensitive (point to your right palm), they can be defensive when they get criticized. If the loop (point to loop) get too large, that person can even be IN DENIAL of their own insecurities. You see, when someone criticizes that person, it is like taking a knife and stabbing (stab at them) it into their hear and twisting it with each cruel comment. Can you FEEL that pain as if someone criticizes how you looked, dressed, or acted? Some people (point with your right hand) can be so cruel to people if they don't understand their sensitivity.'

"On the other hand, (use your left hand) your sensitive nature can CREATE AN OPENING for comPASSION, understanding, and TRUE INTIMACY almost IMMEDIATELY. I realty value someone that cares what I think. When we are in a relationship,it is important to GET APPROVAL from the other person. Wouldn't it be nice to finally HAVE SOMEONE, RIGHT IN FRONT TO YOU, that can totally approve, and love, and respect you for who you really are. ISN'T THAT A GREAT FEELING? When someone truly cares, it can simply FEEL like WARM BATH washing all over your body and the energy just PULSATES through your chest and that FEELING OF happiness just radiates! CAN YOU SENSE THAT CLOSENESS; NOW? That is one part of your personality that I really admire."

lighting Fast mind pattern

'You think lighting fast and size up people instantly. In fact, you really hate (point with left hand) slow minded, ignorant, stupid people. THEY just slow you down and get in your way. What you really enjoy is TO MEET SOMEONE THAT thinks like you do. Someone, that is sharp, intelligent, and maybe a bit impatient, like yourself. Perhaps in YOUR MIND, you can be judgmental, but you always like someone that can APPRECIATE YOUR intelligence and KEEP UP. I know exactly how you feel, I hate people driving slow in the fast lane. Don't you?'

Block winter's pattern have a tendency to block people out. With some people (point away) you put up barriers and walls to keep them out. But it's funny, sometimes you meet someone different (point to yourself) and the more you TRY to hide you true self, the MORE you are compelled to OPEN UP. It just seems NATURAL FOR you to PULL DOWN THE WALLS, and let that person INSIDE. Because INSIDE, you know you can truly experience that SPECIAL level of intimacy, passion, and LOVE when you DECIDE to LET THAT PERSON INSIDE, (point to yourself)

Sexual frustration.

According to your handwriting, you are experiencing some SEXUAL Frustration. Something isn't complete. Let me ask you, when you THINK ABOUT SEX, do you imagine being TOTALLY SATISFIED EVERY TIME. Can you picture that special lover that knows exactly what to say, where to touch, and feels the level of passion YOU,FEEL? Something tells me that YOU WISH YOU COULD BE WTIB THAT TYPE OF PERSON, Right Now! Isn't it amazing how much I can truly understand you just by your handwriting, IMAGINE how much closer we could grow over time., Can you feel that closeness beginning to grow.

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