Write one paragraph using as many of the "Magic Words" words as possible. Topic should be becoming aroused. Assume you have been aroused together before.

Exercise: Group Rapid Mind Blast.

Get into group of 5-6 people. One at a time, someone sit in the middle of the circle and close your eyes. Be prepared to open your mind to a level of receptiveness and learning. As you relax and listen intently in that chair, the others will take turns using the super language patterns one after the other. The people standing will use every word or phrase that comes to mind to reinforce the powerful learning experience that is taking place. The point of this exercise is for the person in the chair to get constant, rapid-fire, powerful suggestions about how he or she is going to easily and confidently utilize this information to create the most amazing relationships s/he has ever experienced The purpose for the people standing is to think quickly and begin to have your mouth continually spit out powerful phrases.

One person can play off the next person's last statement_ You are encouraged to complete sentences and make it one big long six person sentence that literally floods the listener's mind with suggestions.

Controlling Emotions

Controlling emotions in yourself and others is perhaps the key to success and happiness in your life. All persuasion is based on some form or another of eliciting emotions in others. If consider what makes musicians so well loved is that their music elicits specific states that fans find compelling. Their music is an auditory anchor that triggers memories, feelings, and emotions across the spectrum.

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