Before You Begin

To get the most from this seminar, it is important that specify how you will be using the information. It is useful for you to fully understand your inner motivations for why you are here. Please take a few minutes to fill out the following information.

Please Read This Page Before You

Fill In All The Blanks

1. What do you want to do, as a result of attending this seminar? (Be specific and concrete and state it in terms of what you'll be seeing, hearing, and feeling.)_

2. What's important about being able to have/do/ the'answer to #1, above, to you?.

3. What's important about that?_

5. So, ultimately, what would this mean to you?_

6. As you accomplish this, what message will you be sending the world?_

7. More importantly, what message are you sending yourself?_

Use the remainder of this page to state, clearly and concisely, the above information. As a result of attending this seminar, I want.. 4._

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