Assignments For Sat Lunch Sat Night And Lunch On

Lunch Saturday: Assignment:

Use these language patterns during the lunch break. Get a specific result and be prepared with a story after lunch.

Saturday Night: Assignment:

Talk to four strangers and elicit their strategy and criteria for the following:

(Have at least two different answers for the each question.)

What to order in a restaurant or bar?

What make them feel sexy?

What makes them attracted to someone?

What makes them decide to sleep with someone?

Lunch Sunday: Assignment:

Use embedded commands to influence someone's behavior. (Waitress, valet parking attendant, manager, etc.)

Final Exercise: Take 15 minutes each to seduce someone in the room.

Use everything you have learned so far. Elicit criteria, strategy, submodalities. The partner should cooperate but be honest

Choose a third person to witness and comment on what you do extremely well and make suggestions to improve your overall effectiveness.


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