The Force

Personally I use a psychological force using language and the positioning of the card. This is a strong method and one that I recommend. It is fully covered in this section under the sub titled "Forceful Thinking".

There are however for those people not comfortable with the use of a psychological force other options open to us. A simple Cross Cut Force or even the well know P.A.T.I.O force could be used to ensure the spectator ends with her "free choice".

Another option and it is bold but I like it, is to simply after displaying the Ink Blots hand the top card to your spectator and ask they continued. You pay this no attention what so ever and act totally natural with it.

Later in your scripting you can add the idea of the card being freely chosen by the spectator and they will rarely question this. Moving the focus along from the card used to the image created ensures they pay no attention to which card they are using but rather to what they are doing. This is bold but if handled properly very deceptive.

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