(We are to imagine we are joining the performance after the introductory words have been spoken)

With the five cards lying face down on the table the performer states:

"Now we are going to try something interesting. I would like you to relax and help me out. Your job is simple. You just go for what you feel is right. Don't worry about what other people are saying or what I am saying you simply follow what you think or feel. OK?"

I here actively attempt to form some kind of rapport with my spectator allowing them some time to grow used to their new found position within the spotlight and maybe even have a little conversation with them.

"I would like to simply reach foreword and lower your hand onto one of the cards you feel is right for you."

As this is said I actually gesture with my right and left hands, moving them in a quick gesture toward the force cards. I also suggest increasing your odds by sitting your spectator on your right. They are then likely to go for the card in the second position from the right. That is all there is to it. Allot of ink for something that takes seconds in real time but I feel it was needed to ensure the principles are understood of the force.

Now we have dealt with force of the card let us move onto the image projection sequence. In which it appears as if the spectator turns the Ink Blot into what ever they wish to.

This is not to difficult. The image is clearly a house. It is very unlikely they will picture anything other than a house. The script that follows is making use of some word play that instructs the spectator to picture what is on the card but the audience see these statements differently.

"Ok, I would like you to take a moment to look into the Ink Blot and make it into the picture you can see from it. I would then like you to imagine that in its basic form on a massive blank white screen almost a cinema screen. Let me know when you have the image in your mind."

The spectator will normally take very little time to do this. I then take the Ink Blot card from them. I then do one of two things to get rid of our dirty work from the face of the card. The first idea is something that I use if a table cloth is available. I simply place the Ink Blot card face down onto the table, and slide it foreword to another spectator, pressing firmly applying a good amount of pressure to the card, this will actually under the normal action of sliding the card toward someone totally remove our dry wipe ink.

The second is even simple in method. I simply brush my thumb across the face of the card as I instruct the spectator to sit back and close her eyes, and to grip my left wrist with her hand. This presentation allows for more than enough time to remove the dry wipe ink and more than enough cover for it to go unnoticed.

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