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"These are an unusual South American children's toy. Rumour has it that these are still used today, by the children of the Maya Indians of Guatemala. The story goes, if you have a problem, you tell it to your worry doll. You can only tell one worry to each doll, per night. Then, after you have told your worry doll the problem, you ask them to help you, and hold the worry doll tightly in your closed fist. As if by magic, the worry dolls go to work, to help find solutions to your troubles. Finally disappearing taking your problem with them. You do this each night to help find solutions to problems and get better nights sleep."

This acts as a tongue in cheek introduction to the effect. It sets the stage for what is to happen and also has some built in interest as well as educational benefits.

Answering the problems:

This is something that would take a book 1000 times larger than this manuscript to explain. I basically apply some well aimed cold reading statements in to the audience. Here is an opportunity to practice your cold reading skills. None is aware exactly what the problem is, you will know if you offered a good reading or not from the spectators reaction. However no one else will. This is due tot he fact that they can to check the details of your reading. No matter the outcome in the eyes of the audience at large you appear to have succeeded.

Here are some titles I refer the reader to that focus upon cold reading and will arm the performer with more material than he will ever need:

• Quick and Effective Cold Reading by Richard Webster

• Full Facts Book of Cold Reading by Ian Rowland

• Readings for Magicians by Kenton Knepper

• Wonder Readings by Kenton Knepper and Rex Sikes

• The Classic Reading by Lee Earle Hot Ring:

This is a suggestive scripting that can be applied to any object you care to use. I often use this with the spectators own ring in their palm. The words said with a bold text are said in either a harder of softer tone of voice depending on which will work better for you. Only experimentation will show which is best;

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