To perform the effect a few props are required. You need a set of ink blot cards. I have included a sheet of the needed graphics to easily make up your own set. I

simply photo copy the images glue them to a piece of thick cardboard with spray mount and finally laminate them. The lamination of the cards is needed to insure the method will work.

You also need a "Dry Wipe Marker" that being a pen that is used on white boards that can be simply wiped off with no need for the use of water or cleaning fluid.

Something many people are unaware of is that these pens are useable on many surfaces. Anything plastic, glass, metal or even highly glossy surfaces such as the backs of standard Tarot decks. Due to the nature of this things the pen is still able to be quickly erased.

Set Up;

If you look closely at the first ink blot marked F1 you will see that it is very easy to using the pen make further images from within the ink printed on the page. Let me explain, if I were to be using the example given in the effect, a house, I would simply add small amounts of ink to the laminated card using the dry wipe pen, adding in the roof and making the walls somewhat more clearer. An example of this is give in F2.

If you were to hand the Ink Blot show in F2 to someone and ask them to make it into an image. The odds are massively in the favour of a house being the image they picture. This is also made higher by the scripting I use all of which is covered in "The Script". It remains needless to say that all you need to do to add an extra deception to these Ink Blots is to casually wipe the card with your thumb removing the extra Ink you placed onto the laminated card with the dry wipe pen leaving the original Ink Blot shown in F1.

Place the prepared Ink Blot card on the top of your stack of Ink Blots. Be careful not to add to much pressure to the stack or slide the cards around to much as this can lead to the dry wipe pen becoming either smudged or removed totally. A light touch is the key here.

If you plan on using my forceful thinking method covered later in the text you will need one more of the prepared Ink Blot card. I use exactly the same Ink Blot with exactly the same additions shown in F1-2.

Let us now examine the actual deceptions needed to achieve the effect:

We need to force the needed Ink Blot card on our spectator. We then need to have the spectator picture the image which should appear to be random to the audience but will in fact be a house. Then finally to top of the deception we need to have the spectator in her own mind add detail to her image. Something she did not see in the blot she had chosen. This now adds an extra layer of deception that the spectator helping will experience and she will see the effect as being that one bit stronger. Needless to say this is simply a final kick in the teeth touch for the rest of the spectators.

I will deal with each one of our problems outlines above separately offer a few alternatives.

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