You need a box of what are referred to in New Age Shops as Worry Dolls or Trouble Dolls. These are tiny hand made "people" they come in a small wooden box. These are very cheaply to obtain and make great give away material. You will need four of the dolls supplied in the box. Place the others aside.

As well as this you will need a magnet which I tape to the inside of my left forearm just above the wrist.

You will need to place some form of magnetic material within one of the dolls. Each doll has a slightly different colour face so remember which doll you placed the magnetic material within. To actually place the magnetic material within the doll isn't to hard. Simply make a small slit into the doll with a sharp craft knife and push the magnetic material inside the doll through this. It may be necessary to remove some of the filling from the doll.

You need to fix one of the four dolls into the box. I simply used Blue Tac to hold my doll within the box. Any kind of adhesive will do the job perfectly.

Place all three dolls along with the fixed doll inside the box. Pop the lid closed on the box and your ready to perform.

First we will deal with the actual vanishes and appearances of the dolls from the spectators hand into the box. This is a bold method that will work perfectly if you treat it with the confidence it needs.

The actual mechanics of the effect are disarmingly simple, but when combined with the script and the psychological wording become some that I feel is more than the sum of its parts.

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