Due to the scripting of the effect there are very few words named. I have mad an index of 15 words. These normally are more than enough to cover the scope of selections.

Here is a list of the words used:

3. Ball

4. Sweets Mother

5. Farther

6. Brother 7. Sister

8. Football

9. School

10. Moon

11. Sun

12. Day

13. Night

14. Cold 15. Teacher

These words cover the majority of the words that are selected due to your verbal guidance covered in the script section of this work. Now comes the time consuming work of making the index. However once this is done you never need do it again.

Take the pad and on the front and back covers of the book (which match the colour of the letterings back ie black) spray a small amount of spray mount advise to these. This will now allow the letters to be arranged in vertical rows forcing the words from the list. I place five of the words o te front cover and five on the back cover. I then place another set of dividers within the pad. The type commonly used for school work to keep separate sections for each subject. I only place one of these into the centre of the pad. I then also spray a small amount of spray mount to this. The hollow out the pages directly above and below the middle divider forming a block of roughly 20 pages.

You will now arrange the remaining five words on the page they will remain unharmed due to the hollowed section of the pad.

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