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1. Remove the box from where you had kept it. Remove the lid and turn the box upside down. This will allow the three loose dolls to fall to the table and retain the fixed doll within the box. Close the box placing the lid on, loosely.

2. Display the dolls on the palm of your hand. Allow one doll to fall directly into a finger palm position, one to fall on the palm of your hand and the third in roughly the middle of the two Insure the doll in the finger palm position is not the magnetic doll.

3. Ask the spectator to hold her hand out, in way of example you do the same. You appear to throw the three dolls into your fist. In actual fact you simply hold back the magnetic doll in the finger palm position. You then close your fist around the two dolls that were allowed to fall from one hand to the other.

4. This is a bold move. It however works like a charm. Simply allow your palm to open, however you remain a slight curled to the way in which the fingers open. This partly obscures the dolls onto the palm. I then state:


I nod directly at the spectator, pauses for one beat and no more then in an inquisitive manner ask;

The spectator will actually agree with you. This is a wonderful moment. The spectator has effectively fooled themselves.

5. I then allow the two dolls to fall directly onto the spectators palm, and close her fist around them. This is much like the actions commonly used in a sponge ball routine. I then move away slightly and ask the spectator to think deeply about a problem she faces. I then offer some standard cold reading lines that appear to relate to her question. I then gently blow toward her palm and gesture with my empty hand for her to open her own hand. She will find two and not three dolls on her palm. This will be a wonderful moment for her. She has never held such dolls before and is not sure how they would feel. She has no idea how many are in her hand. Given the correct staging it appears as if the doll vanished as she held it.

6. In order to reproduce the doll within the box it is a simple matter of opening the box while keeping the finger palmed doll concealed. Display the doll within the box and then appear to tip it onto the palm of your hand. In actual fact you do what is more or less a shuttle pass, turning the box and the hand with the doll finger palmed in opposite directions at an equal speed. It appears as thought the box is turned upside-down and the doll falls onto your palm up hand. This is a standard coin magic move that I am sure you will be more than familiar with already.

7. Keeping the contents of the box from being flashed, simply drop the doll on your finger tips into the box. Close the lid and set the box down. I then repeat stages 3 through 5 allowing only one doll to fall into the awaiting spectators palm. I then appear to make the spectator feel heat from the doll. This is covered in the script section which follows this text under the heading "Hot Ring".

8. I then simply repeat the shuttle pass sequence allowing the loose doll to mask the deception further. I allow the loose doll to fall directly onto the palm of my hand along with the previously finger palmed doll. I then place the two dolls along with the fixed hidden doll back into the box. Which is closed and set aside.

9. For the final vanish sequence you will use the magnet and the magnetic doll which will be lying flat on the palm of the second spectators hand. I then place the doll on the flat palm of another spectator. I ask her to think of her problem. I then appear to offer a detail solution to her problem. I spend a good amount of time on this a simple cold reading (see end) sequence. Finally you wave your left hand above the doll, due to the magnetic properties of the doll and the magnet you fixed to your left arm, the doll will stick to the inside of your left arm. I then under the cover of continuing on in my reading sequence casually appear to adjust my sleeve. In fact I casually contact the doll and gently pull my jacket sleeve away from the magnet. This will free the doll from the magnet and fall into your awaiting finger palm. In order to reproduce the final doll you repeat the shuttle pass sequence allowing the two loose dolls to fall onto the finger palmed doll.

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