This is simply a very dressed up PATIO force sequence.

You will use the Patio force to ensure the spectator whom you wrote on the paper bound in ribbon is the final spectator left on stage.

In order to relight the candle you simply require a "everlast" candle available at all joke shops. These candles are the type that will relight automatically after being blow out. Commonly used as a birthday joke on cakes. I bore a hole in a larger white candle then place the relight candle into the hole and finish it off by allowing some melting wax to fall into the hole and overflow onto the top of the candle. This hides your pre work.

After handing out your prediction and forcing the spectator you simply need to blow the candle out, move away from the spectator and wait for a moment. It is a wonderful visual moment as the flame relights.

The show your prediction made at the beginning matches the final "survivor"

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