This is the simplest and in some ways the most effective use of the tattoo prediction. The methodology is utterly straight foreword. It is intended to be used in an informal performance only. Let us deal with the first and most imposing problem. Somehow finding which word the spectator is thinking of. This could be accomplished in many ways. Here I offer my first method for this effect which I used for roughly a year before developing the other methods which will also be outlined.

Essentially the method is straighforeward. You will via a centre tear disover the word the spectator has settled for. I leave this paper in the centre of the table. I now looking back would chose to use something more along the lines of Ricjard Buschs Special Delivery Peek or possibly Acidus any peek in which the information remains undamaged.

I would then allow this information in its hidden state for example within the envolope of folding in four in full view throughout sveral effects. I would then excuse myself and applie the stiker letters which we will deal with latter and then reveal the word and show the prediction.

Obviously this somewhat simplistic approach has many problems inherent within the method. Firstly it is only practice for highly informal performances and even at best I would consider it lacking in the aking of a great effect.

These problems lead me to come up with the following two methods. Eah tak a seperate approach the first takes the problem from one agle. In which you will apllie the correct word onto your arm in the full view. The second is more ambitious and is a verbal word force. This is something I am always improving on and I am sure you wil do the very same. Only through hard work will this force work. It really does need to be worked and worked again to gain any kind of results. It is howveer the kind of thing you can practice without having to appear as though you failed. You can practice the force section in any other effect which invlolves the writting down of a word that you will divine. If you fail you can fall back on the standard method. If you succeed you have cracked the force and are ready to use it in so many powerful ways. This was the way I developed the word force it took some time to really become comfortable witht he force and even to this very day i am still imporvoing upon it. The first of the methods howver is much easier but does need some fairly time consuiming preperation.

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