This effect makes use of a principle I really enjoy in many of my effects. It exploits the notion of duel reality. Two effect run parallel with one another each appear real to those seeing them. In this case our spectator whom pictures the image sees basically the same effect but a slightly less impressive version than the effect the audience at large will witness. The spectator is still however fooled by the effect.

This effect also makes use of some heavy psychological guiding throughout the sequence titled "Adding Detail" this is something I love incorporating into my effects. If the notion of psychological forces or suggestion are new to you I urge you to read my good friend Steve Banachek's groundbreaking work on such things "Psychological Subtitles" and my favourite wizard Kenton Knepper's works such as "Wonder Words" (which this effect owes a nod and a wink to) and also Kenton's "Miracles of Suggestion". The use of such techniques within this effect appear to make the effect so much more real and impressive. It appears to those who see the effect you correctly 'divined' every detail of the spectators thought. As the method becomes clearer you will see that this is where the real impact lies for the spectator who pictures the image. It is for the rest of the audience simply the icings on the cake forming an elegant and disarming deception.

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