Forceful Thinking

This force appears as if you, after displaying several of the cards lay five of them Blot side down onto the table top and ask the spectator to reach foreword and grab one. They will have the force card in their hand.

The first issue to be covered here is the inbuilt use of Voice Forcing within the script. Despite it being something that normally works best in informal situations i.e. over the phone or in an office they are thrown into the script as they are not visible to anyone but yourself and are just another little influence in getting the correct selection. The words typed in bold are either said in a slightly harder tone while maintaining eye contact or with a slightly softer tone while maintaining eye contact. You will need to experiment to find which of the two will work best for you.

The use of a small body movement is also used within this force. I find that raising my eyebrows and a small nod as my left hand moves toward the table is enough here. The key is to ensure it all appears to be natural and not forced. If you actions appear laboured the force will look something of a joke. This will be further covered in the workings of the force later in the text.

The second issue we need to look into is the positioning of the force card. The positioning is of great importance. This is again another invisible factor that will add another influence to your force. By incorporating as many of these small influences into one sequence as possible, without any of them being visible on the effects surface you greatly increase your potential for hitting your force. It is a well know fact that if you lay five cards or objects for that matter out on the table those card/objects placed in position 2 and 4 are the most likely to be selected. If you were to place a force Ink Blot card ready and waiting to go complete with its additions on the face in the positions 2 and 4, your job becomes so much easier. I place the prepared cards in the positions 2 and 4 in the stack from the top down. I then spread through the stack face up to show a few of the cards and talk about them a little. I then replace these cards onto the face of the packet, and finally square everything up and turn it all face down. Then I deal five of the cards fro the top onto the table. These of course are the five cards you placed your force cards within, at the positions 2 and 4. I whist doing this use the following script. This should guide the spectator directly tot he force card. After the card is forced simply gather the other ink blot cards up and leave them out of the way in the corner of the table.

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