Filling in the Details

"Ok so you have an image or shape in your mind that at the moment is nothing more than a massive shape filled with black ink. Now I would like you to take a few seconds to start to fill in the details of your image. Take as long as you need."

This is now where the psychological by play comes in. In his lecture notes the mentalist Christopher Chance points out that if you were to use the psychological force of a triangle and a square and ask someone to make an image from it they are likely to make them into a house. If they are asked to fill in the details they are likely to included windows, a chimney, a path and a tree.

This reads as a pure common sense. however think about the situation as it appears to the spectator. They think the spectator could have selected any image. You have no idea which image they are thinking of. So adding details tot he image should be as much of a mystery to you as the actual basic image is. This adds another layer of deception. These details appear to make the effect ever stronger. When in actual fact they are very easy to work out.

Allow the spectator as long as they need to fill in the details.

All that remains is for you to present your knowledge. I will cover my own presentational long with the script that now follows. I will also at times explain my reasoning for certain presentational ploys.

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