"The Rorschach inkblot test is a psychological projective test of personality in which a subject's interpretations of ten standard abstract designs are analysed as a measure of emotional and intellectual functioning and integration. The test is named after Hermann Rorschach who developed the inkblots..

The test is considered "projective" because the patient is supposed to project his or her real personality into the inkblot via the interpretation. The inkblots are purportedly ambiguous, structure less entities which are to be given a clear structure by the interpreter. Those who believe in the efficacy of such tests think that they are a way of getting into the deepest recesses of the patient's psyche or subconscious mind. Those who give such tests believe themselves to be experts at interpreting their patients' interpretations.

Now I'm not claiming to be an expert in reading your every thought but I figured that this Ink Blot Test could prove for an interesting experiment."

As the above is said the performer casually displays a set of 10 or so postcard sized pieces of card with images of the 'structure less ink blots' on them. He now instructs the spectator to select an Ink Blot.

"Please reach foreword and grab the one card that appeals to you the most. I would then like you to make that ink blot into an image, as we mentioned earlier. This may or may not add be a way of projecting your own personality into the image, we shall see."

The spectator does as they are asked they reach foreword and select an ink blot. They then stare at it and turn it into an image. They are then asked to relax, take the performers wrist lightly and sit back with their eyes closed. With the performer standing complete with pad and pen and the spectator sitting by his side gently holding his wrist, the performer slowly closes his eyes. Suddenly his right hand begins dancing around the surface of the pad, leaving a line here and a stroke there. Until the performer finally open his eyes.

He finally asks the spectator to describe what image she made from the ink blot She says:

"A house, with a tree beside it, with four leaded windows."

The performer shows his sketch to be incredibly a house, with a tree beside it, with four leaded windows. The Ink Blot card can be given away at the finish for the other spectators to gaze into, each will form a differing image.

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