"It was common superstition in the 16th century for people to write the name of a loved one on a piece of paper and wind a length of ribbon around the paper 35 times, they believed this would protect their loved one using a spell that was thought to ward off evil"

The performer hands a slip of paper bound with ribbon to a spectator in the front row for safe keeping. Five spectators are asked to join the performer on stage. They are each handed a lit candle.

"We are going to attempt a game of life and death. Four of you are going to die. Only one will live. Do not be worried it is only a game."

The performer slowly walks over to a member of the audience and places his hand on his shoulder.

"You sir are to chose whom is to die from our imaginary village."

The magician points to two people from the five standing on stage. Who he informs the audience have become ill. The spectator is to nominate one of the spectators who is to no longer live within the imaginary village. The performer slowly walks toward the spectators chosen person and blows the candle light out.

"It is said that a flame burs for all our souls, the day our flame goes out is the day our soul no longer lives, today I am afraid is that day for you sir. Please make your way back to your seat"

The spectator leaves the stage and finds his seat leaving only four spectators on stage. This procedure is continued until only one spectator remains on stage.

"Obviously it was not your time to go in our village. In fact your flame still burns bright long after all the others have been stubbed out."

The performer walks toward the final spectator and blows the flame out. Seconds later in full view and away form the performer the candle relights itself. The performer nods a knowing look and states:

"Maybe you were the protected one"

He gestures toward the paper wrapped in ribbon. The ribbon is slowly untangled from the paper and seen written in bold strokes is the very spectators name. The final survivor.

"Maybe there was something in that 16th century superstition after all?"

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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