The performer removes a slightly battered look box from it's wrapping he dumps the contents onto the table and explains:

"These are an unusual South American children's toy. Rumour has it that these are still used today, by the children of the Maya Indians of Guatemala. The story goes, if you have a problem, you tell it to your worry doll. You can only tell one worry to each doll, per night. Then, after you have told your worry doll the problem, you ask them to help you, and hold the worry doll tightly in your closed fist. As if by magic, the worry dolls go to work, to help find solutions to your troubles. Finally disappearing taking your problem with them. You do this each night to help find solutions to problems and get better nights sleep."

The performer passes around the three tiny dolls for the curious among his guests to examine. They are passed back and the performer explains he intendeds to try an experiment with these Worry Dolls.

"Madame would you be so kind to think of a problem that is troubling you. Something that has been playing on your mind. I would then like you to take these dolls into your hand and close your fist tightly around them. Thank You"

The performer dumps the dolls from the box onto the spectators palm. She closes her fist and thinks intently about a problem she faces in her life. He stares deeply into her wonderfully coy blues eyes and states:

"I sense the problem you face is some that that you have the power to overcome very easily. However there are many barriers you perceive blocking you from moving past this problem that you find so troublesome. The thing is, if you have the focus within your own mind to look at your problem objectively it could just as easily vanish as it did appear"

The performer gently blows toward the spectators fist and she is instructed to open her hand. She finds only three dolls. The performer smiles a knowing nod. He looks toward the box sitting on the table from the outset. He opens the box to find the doll staring the audience directly in the face.

The performer suggests continuing and extends his palm toward another women in the front row. He asks her to extend her palm and he pores the remaining dolls onto her palm. Again she is asked to close her hand around the dolls. She is also asked to think intently upon a problem she faces. She does this.

The performer states that:

"In the original myth it was said that the harder you thought about your problem the doll would actually become warmer and just before vanishing totally it would almost be too hot to hold onto. Can you feel that heat yet?"

The spectator answers:

"Yes it is becoming warmer."

Again the performer gently blows toward the spectators hand and she finds one of the dolls to have vanished. The performer explains;

"You see as the doll becomes hot it is said to be taking on the energy from your problems, eventually the problem is solved by the doll and it finally makes its journey back to where it came from"

The performer opens the box once again and pores out the contents. Now it is seen to contain two perfectly content worry dolls.

The final doll is placed lying flat on the palm of a spectators hand. The performer asks the spectator to intently concentrate upon a problem she is faced with. The performer raises his own hand a few inches above the doll and holds gently the spectators wrist. With a moments concentration he suddenly offers a detailed solution for the problem the spectator has in mind. Finally he gently blows at the doll, passing his hand briefly above the doll where upon it visibly vanishes. He opens the box pores the contents from within and reveals the three worry dolls.

He finishes:

"Wouldn't it be great if we could all send our problems away to a little box"

The dolls are given tot he assisting spectators as a present and as a way of remembering how the solved their problems.

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