What the clients said

After each reading, the client was interviewed by the show's presenter, Joan Bakewell. The first client's interview was as follows.

Joan: "Okay, well Bridget, you've had your reading, your horoscope. How do you react to it? What do you make of it?"

Bridget (Virgo): "On reflection I suppose I have to think a lot of it, take the bits which he read me which I... and put them to use as to how I want to do them. It was more involved a reading to what I've perhaps had before, in that I expected him to say 'you. should be a writer, you have a domineering personality'. Whereas he didn't. He intimated what he thought I was rather than saying exactly... which is better in a way cos it doesn't... mind you, as he did point out at one point that you go off and become that person or that thing, because that's what you've been told."

"But did he get you right?"

'Yes I would say 99.9% of it was right. Mind you, I thought he would bring in other bits which are renowned Virgos, but then again I suppose that's the newspaper tabloid part of a Virgo, you know, the regular star magazine."

"So what did he get right about you?"

"He said that I'm precise and that once I start something I go at it. He said something about a romantic intimation that I had changed in the last five years or something. I need to read that a bit more deeply. But I think obviously then I must put it to what I think. I wasn't involved with somebody in the last five years but my relationship changed greatly with my husband, and all I can assume is that that's what it means. But you have to put them into something that you think is going to suit the way you feel about it."

"And what about the future? Did you get any clues as to that?"

"No, he said there was going to be a change in the next 6 months, what started 18 months, 6 months ago... something about I have to now finish off something that I thought I've always wanted to. Clean things up and get on to what I want to do."

"Does that ring a bell?"

"Yes in a way it does I suppose. I write bits here and there and I thought to myself, well, perhaps he means I really have to start that book now, you know. There's a book in all of us isn't there"? And I think maybe I have to do it now."

"Do the things he's told you... they are going to change how you behave, a little?"

"No, I would say I don't really think so, no." "But about this book?"

"Well yes, I mean he's just making... how do you put it... clarifying perhaps what I've been thinking. Yes, in that way maybe you're right. Whether I'm going to sit down when it gets to six months and say my god, six months is here I really should have started this book because, you know, I was told that things were going to be done in 6 months, it might be in the 7th or 8th. I'm not saying that because he said it I will do it in that amount of time."

"Nevertheless what he's told you has been helpful to you?" 'Yes, sure, character-wise I suppose, yes." "Do you follow your stars?"

'Yes I do, in the newspapers I do. Don't we all? Don't we all like to know we 're going to meet a tall dark stranger, handsome man somewhere?"

"But how much credibility... I mean you follow it daily, or slavishly, or just out of interest...?"

"I think actually we read them daily, my husband and I both do. Whether we put any reference to it I don't know. I think you just put it down to what happened today and what's going to happen tomorrow. One of the interesting things he said was about health. He said I had a good health, but that I think... one way he put it was something about I don't accept... you know, how as you get a bit older you can't do the things you did 5 or 10years ago. And he's absolutely right when he says that I have to learn to accept that gracefully and tone down what your abilities are with your ageing. Otherwise my health was good. Which was encouraging to know, because I do tend to get really frustratedjust 'cos I can't open a bottle I used to be able to open a year ago."

"And was he clear in the exposition he gave you? Did it seem clear?"

"Mm, I can't really say. Only the bits I heard that I wanted to take in at that particular time. Yes, I suppose so. I suppose it's something you need to do on a much... read into much more, then to be able to decide yes it was."

"Has it made you feel better, Bridget?"

"I suppose so. I suppose in a way where you can take it away and think about it and reflect on it and think well yes, I'm going to. Perhaps made me a bit more positive, (laughs) Is that good?"

This concludes the first interview.

Here is the second client's interview.

Joan: "Laura, what was it like as an experience?"

Laura (Taurus): "Very interesting. I was very impressed. I do go into these things very sceptical, and I wait for them to prove to me what they think I'm like and only then will I come round to that. So yes, he was very good."

"And did he prove it?"

"Yes. Yes, definitely."

"What did he get right?"

"Nearly everything. Really nearly everything. I got flashbacks of when I was younger, that I could put points that he told me to. The only thing he probably wasn't right was the... sort of, love aspect at the moment. 'Cos I'm in a longstanding relationship which is rock-solid, it has been the whole way through. Again, he picked up with new boyfriends and things like that which hasn't happened."

"Thought there might have been a hiccup two years ago?" "No, no, nothing there at all." "Now what about being a schemer?"

"Definitely, I'm definitely a schemer, yep. I cheat at games. I will go out of my way to make sure I win things. Definitely. At the back of my mind I'll be scheming to get my own way."

"Were you surprised he discovered that?"

"Because there were no clues."

"No. Not at all. I don't know whether that's a Taurean trait, or me as a person but yes I'm definitely a schemer."

"Will what he's told you change your attitude to things?"

"The health problem bothered me a little bit because yes, I'm definitely like that. I will plough on because I'm very strong and I will just go hundred miles an hour on everything I do, which I do, and I can't see myself slowing down when I get older. So that I'll probably take on board and see what I can do about that in the future."

"So you would let it affect your behaviour?"

'Yes, yes definitely."

"What do you think of the person he presented. The true you?" "Yes, mmm definitely."

"How much didn't match, how much did match?"

"I would say 95% of it matched. There were a few points probably he wasn't so on the nail, but it was very minimal, so I totally took on board everything he said."

"What do you make of the whole technique?"

"It's very interesting. To be honest I wouldn't have believed it. I can't see how anybody could predict exactly what a person s like from the time and date you were born. But, he proved me wrong!"

"You're impressed?"

"Yes, definitely."

At a later date, for another section of the same documentary, both women were interviewed again. They were asked if they thought there was any chance at all that I was some sort of con artist, rather than a genuine astrologer. Both women declared that they did not think this was possible.

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