What the client said

After the reading, Susie was interviewed by the show's presenter, Sandi Toksvig.

Sandi: "Ian was wary because of all the lights and so on, it's not how he would normally do it. So was it all right?"

Susie: "It was fine. You know, not quite as scary as, you know, some people imagine or portray them to be. Yes, it was fine."

"So what sort of things were in the reading?"

"It went from past, present, future... I suppose one thing that went throughout was you re going to be reasonably solvent and reasonably healthy, which is fine, quite pleasant; that yes, maybe there's a creative bent, talent if you like, that hasn t been fulfilled and, you know, should you maybe jump to the other side and say 'bugger it, I'm going to do it' and worry about whatever else happens. But yes, it was reasonably happy, nice number of friends, quite outgoing. I mean there wasn't anything ominous - whether he'd been asked not to say anything unpleasant I don't know."

"I mean, were you surprised about how much he was able to gain about you?"

"Yes, it was not terribly... I mean there were quite a lot of specifics there, you know it's not like saying every Capricorn is this or whatever, yes I was."

"What were the specifics that particularly surprised you?"

"Well, I think the creative side, which people wouldn't necessarily know. I think maybe the solvency side, the connection with being quite close to my brother, that sort of thing."

"So over all, did you feel it was basically a good... "

"Yes, I mean I've never had one before so, you know, I've got nothing to compare it with. But I was reasonably impressed."

"I want to be absolutely clear, Susie, that until the reading you had never met Ian Rowland."

"I'd never met him, I'd never done any of this before."

"All right, now he come up with some fairly specific things -the name of your brother, the fact that you had an accident when you were young, the Christmas incident. Did that sort of give you a start, that he was able to do that?"

"Yes, it did. I think the brother, and the Christmas thing, yes. You know I came to it with an open mind, and you always think maybe these things are set up. But no, I'd never met him before. But yes, I mean it was quite surprising, because obviously he only chose two names and it was one of those."

"And were you trying, as it were, not to give anything away about yourself?"

"Well yes, I mean I answered questions. I didn't, you know, say anything."

"So what was your over all feeling about it?"

"I was quite impressed. In some ways now you've done it once you think, gosh, maybe there are people out there who know things about you that you may or may not want them to. But yes, I felt reasonably calm and happy about it."

"But surprised?"

'Yes, pleasantly."

In a separate part of the show, Susie was asked if she thought it possible I might have been some sort of fake or fraud. She said she did not think this was possible.

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