The reading

Here is the full transcript of the reading I gave to Susie: Me: "Your name is?"



"Okay. Let's talk about what we're going to do today. The first thing is I'd like to know if you've had a reading done before."


"Never? Is this because you don't believe or you..."

"Er, I suppose there's never been one [ a tarot reader] around when I've thought about it! Er, Idon't believe or not believe."

"Okay, that's what we call an open mind."

"An open mind, yeah."

"Well, what I'd like you to do - not that you're here to do things for me, I'm going to try and do my best for you... "


"...what I'd like you to do is to forget about all these people [ the TV crew ] who are watching us and listening. We won't go into anything that's too private. We won't go into any bad news or anything like that. The first thing I'd like to do, is just explain that the cards will be your cards."


"What they mean will probably mean more to you than to me."

"But I will do what I can for you."

"Uh-huh." [ understanding and agreeing ]

"The first thing I'd like you to do is just hold the cards for a while, while you think about the things that are uppermost in your mind and in your heart and in your life at the moment. You can take your time to do this - again, it's part of relaxing and not worrying about all these people around us. And then, if you would just put the cards down and then cut a pile off."

"What, so we've got two piles?"

"That's right, yes. Just put the cards down... and cut them for m me.

" [ Performing the procedure ] Like that?"

"Okay, that's fine. [ I laid out three banks of six cards each, for past present and future respectively. Initially only the first set were face up ] And we'll take some of the cards here for the past, and then we'll do some in the middle which we'll turn over in a second, and then we'll have a look at Susie's future. I need one more - could you just cut again? That's fine. I'll just move these [ the superfluous cards ] out of the way.

Okay. So what we're going to try and do is first of all find a little bit about where you've been, so to speak, in the past and we could be looking back quite a way away. I'm quite happy with some of the cards that I see. There's no need to agree or disagree with anything."

"Uh-huh." [ agreement and understanding ]

"Obviously it's going to be more out of focus for me than it is for you... "


"... and some of the time, if we want to go into a particular theme, it certainly wouldn't hurt for you to let me know if there's something that contacts here.

Okay, the nice thing is we're getting The Magician and the King of Wands and the Nine of Wands [ showing Susie some of the cards ] and things like that, which are very much to do with someone who is driven by her own volition, not pushed around by other people.

Somebody who works hard for the things she gets in life. Somebody who plans ahead, who works things out, and who isn't just somebody who's pushed around or at the beck and call of other people. And I think that if you're honest, and if someone were to put this to you, that through your life you can say that you've encountered an awful lot of objections, and barriers, and people saying no, and problems, but you can overcome them."

"It's not that I think you fit some awful stereotype of being bossy and pushy, because I really don't think that's you, [ light-hearted tone ] although I'm sure we could probably round up two or three people who think you are!"

[ laughter, nodding and agreement ] "Yes, maybe some [would] agree with that!"

"But actually if were looking at the inner you, I don't think that is you. But you are somebody who has worked hard for the things that you have got. You're not somebody where things just fall into your lap."

[ laughter and emphasis that this is certainly not the case ] "No!"

"That's quite a ridiculous idea for you isn't it? We all know people who are like that - they're born with a silver spoon and everything just goes right for them. But I think you're more the sort of person who has... you've met the objections, and you've met the barriers and the blocks and the negatives, but you overcome."


"The other thing... we're going to touch on quite a few different aspects of your life... "


"... I think that there's a sign here that says that when you were quite young - and you may have go back quite some time - I'm picking up an impression from some of the cards I get, I could be wrong, but I think there was an accident when you were quite young. Your family and your parents and... do you have brothers and sisters...?"

"One of each."

" of each, I thought so, and they will have talked about this, and it happened when you were quite young. There was an accident, it was something there are no visible scars today but you took quite a knock at the time. Does this make sense for you?"

"Yes. I wouldn't quite call it an accident, but yes, when I was quite young."

"A mishap."

"Were you more... is it true to say... I'm getting the impression that your family, particularly your parents, were more concerned than they had need to be at the time because in the end it didn't turn out to be as serious as they thought."

'Yeah, possibly."

"Okay, so that's that. The nice thing about that is that some of the things we see here [ the cards representing the past ] I will also pick up impressions of here in the present."


"But that [ the accident/mishap ] is firmly behind you. It's definitely over your shoulder, so it's not one of these things that's a lingering influence."

"Let's come forward a little bit in time. There are some nice cards. We've got the Ace of Cups, we've got the Two of Cups. Cups are to do with possessions and Cups are to do with things that you own . There is, if I may say so - and I'm aware there are people watching this - there is a materialist side to you. If you're being honest... "

"... but I don't think you would say it's the most governing influence in you."

"And I guess we all know some people, they're admirable because they're not materialist at all and they seem quite happy and content in a dustbin. To be honest you're not like that."

"I think that earlier on in life, there's... [ hesitating ] you see, when we have some of these symbols here there's a contrast... there is a creative talent here."

"That's part of here [ the past ] and of here [ the present ]. I don't like to start making guesses 'cos it looks phoney..."


"...but let me tell you the impression I get." "Okay."

"The impression I get is that when you were very young people knew you had quite a striking talent or ambition in one... I don't think - although you have an aesthetic sense and an artistic sense -I don't think it's in that area. I think it could be more to do with very much the subject that our friends here [ the TV producers ] are concerned with, communication and words. But we'll come on to that in a second."

"Yeah." [ understanding the process ]

"Now I think this is a talent that you had the scope to develop. And I don't think this is something that's just been left in the past, but we'll come on to that later. But I think at the moment it would be true to say you haven't had the opportunity to develop this talent in the way that perhaps some people, your parents or friends or teachers thought you would at the time.

It's the sort of thing where people said 'Oh that's going to take Susie a long way; that's going to be...' but in fact that didn't happen. And at the moment it's not something that you're capitalising on. Does this make sense to you?"

"Okay. That's fine. I want to move on and sort of wind the clock forward a little bit and perhaps talk about teenage years and early relationships and this sort of thing. It's very difficult, but I like to try and do it because if it works it's fun for me and it's fun for you."

It's difficult to get impressions of letters, but I think that if you look back - there's nothing sort of flirtatious about this but -you had a few relationships in your teenage years...!" [light-hearted tone, suggesting significant numbers ]

"You know, it wasn't just sort of one off..." "Right." [ laughter ]

"I think you can remember somebody er, [ hesitation ] I'm getting the sound of an 'M' or an 'N', it could be a 'Nick' or a *Mick', one of those diminutives, meant something to you."

[ Puzzled, little response ]

"Will you think about that if it doesn't actually make sense for you right now?"


"This was somebody that you knew perhaps in connection with your education. It could be within the school area, a boyfriend, or somebody that you were close to - a good friend. It need not have been someone you were going out with. I get the impression that we're talking about that sort of sound, 'Nick' or 'Mick' or that could have just been a diminutive that they used. Can you find somebody like that?" "Not really, no..." "That's not a problem... "

"I've got a brother called Michael but that's about as far..."


"Reasonably close, more so... I mean, we all know families where sadly there's not really a lot of communication. It could be that's what I'm getting."

"I'll be honest with you, and be honest enough to admit it, I didn't think it was a family connection because I tend to work away from that, tend to look outwards... "

"Somewhere else, right..."

"...but just trying to pick up on what I'm getting and what's making sense to you, would it be fair to say that at the time I was trying to look at, which was... "

"Teenage years." [ agreeing and following the reprise ]

"...the teenage years, that relationship you had with your brother - where a lot of brothers and sisters just fight like cats and dogs all the time, all they have is arguments - it was a reasonably constructive relationship?"

"So that could be what we're talking about?"

"That could be it, yeah." "And his name is...?" "Michael."

"Okay, so Michael's in there [ indicating the past ]. Was there another... I am trying to look beyond the family now... was there a relationship where distance was a problem?"

"Well, yes, in that I was away at school."

"Right, okay."

"So, geographically bound..."

"So there was that sort of geographical impediment to the wonderful flutterings of romance..."

[ Nodding and plentiful agreement ]

"That's another thing I see here, and I also think that relationship is behind you and it's past."

"Okay. Let's come forward a little bit more. I think that when you first got your first proper job, I think there was some kind of... it wasn't a very orthodox procedure. I think there was a big fluke involved... a slice of luck."

"You say possibly, but I think it's making sense to you."

"Some people, they see the job advertised, they go for the interview, it's all very formal. I think there was some sort of marvellous fluke of luck that came your way."

"This means something to you."

"Okay. It's not really contravening the sort of thing I spoke about earlier, where you're somebody who works hard for the things you get. But nonetheless..."

"Once or twice we all get dealt a good card, and there are elements here of skill but also of luck and fortune, particularly with regard to career. I spoke about an accident earlier... I don't see any major health worries that we can talk about in your child and teenage years."

"There wasn't anything like that."

"You've always enjoyed pretty good health and strength." "Mm-um." [ agreement ]. "Okay, that's fine.

I want to move on, because I'm aware that the [TV production] people want me to talk about the present and the future a little bit. But just more recently, and this is quite a fun one as well... "

"There are influences here, I'm talking about what we might call the festive season, Christmas and^New Year, that sort of thing, there was some kind of... you haven't forgotten this and

I think it's the sort of thing you probably talk to people about over a drink or over coffee. There was some kind of, er, something going wrong; some kind of 'Oh my God, why does this happen to me'. It could have been getting your dress snagged just as you were about to go out, or an appointment falling through or going to the wrong door... "

"Mmm..." [puzzled, cautious, only mild agreement ]

"This is to do with a party or it could be around the festive season, Christmas, New Year, although that's just my first impression as to where people do their socialising. And I think it could be the end of last year, where there was some sort of social occasion where you were planning to meet, and there was some kind of terrible mess-up."

"Nothing terrible I can remember."

"No, okay, was there... is it just that I'm exaggerating too much. There was a sort of minor hiccup."

"Minor hiccup, I think."

"So it's not really as writ large as I was saying." Wo. I'm sorry!"

"Don't worry... ! So, and was that to do with... and was it around the Christmas and New Year period though?"

"Yes. November-ish."

"Novemberish, okay, and that was something that directly affected you and also... "

"Well, yes, it was something that was easily resolved but I felt a bit stupid at the time."

"Well, easily resolved for you..."

[ Laughter and agreement ]

"...but a lot of people could have been knocked sideways by it!

So let's just look back at that [ referring to the reading so far ]. There were some things that seemed to make sense there about your past life, and we found Michael in there. Maybe Michael will turn up again [ gesture to the 'present' section of the layout]. Do you still see much of him? Because I feel distance there... "

"Yes, there is a distance and I haven't seen him since Christmas."

"Okay let's see what you're like now. This is usually the bit that people find [ more interesting ]. This is where you've been and this is where you are."

"And this is where we're going... yeah."

[ assessing the cards] "Oh, well, I don't know if I want to sit here any more!" [ light-hearted ]

"Okay. No health problems, that's the first thing."

"You're quite a resilient, tough old boot, basically, if you don't mind me saying so. Let's talk about the fact that you're somebody who is educated but you'll never stop learning."

"You are somebody who is decisive and determined." "Uh-huh." [ agreement ].

"There is actually a side of you which you keep very, very dark and nobody sees, and that is you can be hurt quite easily."

"And people don't realise this because they think you are quite strong on the outside, but between you and me and the cards, you actually are very sensitive. There are times over the past five or six years when you've been so hurt by things that people have done that they've actually changed your outlook."

"Okay, you say probably. I mean, I don't know, I'm not trying to be right or wrong. I'm just telling you the impressions I get. I have to comment here on a professional connection. I'm getting the impression of rendering a service to people that people enjoy, and of finance."

"Yes? Okay, I'm getting the impression that you handle numbers. You're numerate, and I don't think you have to do with stocks and shares 'cos I don't think you're a gambler."

"Okay, what I do get the impression of is that you have a professional image that you're working with people's finances... is this the right sort of area?"

"Okay, would it be right to say that you help them do something they can't do as well for themselves?"

"Okay, that's the sort of area that I see you working in."

[ nodding and agreement ]

"Okay. I don't believe you are married."

"No children."

"But one day you'd like to have children."

"Iffy? Okay, it's not been decided. I think the concentration at the moment is very much on the career. Would it be right to say there's a possibility of yourself, deep down, wondering if the present job you're in is the right one for you?"

"Er, yeah." [ surprised reaction ]

"I think there is a connection here, a question in mind as to whether you might actually try your hand at something else or make a living at something else."

"Mm-um." [ very positive agreement ]

"And that's to do with the creative ability which we saw over here."

"We've got The Popess here, let me just talk about this [ showing the card ]. The Popess is a maternal figure, a feminine figure. She is a figure of the female strengths of perseverance and dedication and care and looking after the things that matter to you most. And I believe that there is a kind of protective custody around this creative ability that you have, which could be something like writing, but also could involve your sense of humour, your sense of creativity, your sense of fun. Is this something that you nurture, that you look after in yourself?"

"You'd agree with that?" "Uh-huh." [ agreement ]

"Okay, and I think there's also..., your creativity is reactive as well as active. You have a responsiveness, you like music for example."

"Your music collection is pretty good."

"And you enjoy it and it's something that gives you quite a great deal of satisfaction."

"You're quite an outgoing person. I think anyone can see that -they don't need to look at the cards."

"But at the same time, would it be right [ to say ] you do a fair amount of the 'on the town' stuff?"

"Clubs and this sort of thing?"

"Maybe sometimes too much?" [ light-hearted ]

'You'll have to speak to my boss, but yes." [ laughter]

"Okay. But he's not here so I have to ask you!" [ shared laughter]

"And you're aware of that, and I'm sure it doesn't get too much out of hand. There is a career option, not something that has been forced upon you. I don't think anybody has walked into your office recently and said you're going to be fired. What I think it is, is I think that there is a creative aspect of you that isn't being fully sated at the moment in the job you do."

"Because the job you do is to do with numbers and finance and that sort of thing, is that right?"

"Okay, and I think there's an option open to you where you might be thinking well, I have a creative ability, I could try my hand. I don't think it's the visual arts it could be something like writing."

"And you could be thinking, well now, is that an option for me?"

'7s it viable?"

"Viable, yeah, okay, so there's something there that makes sense to you?"

"The other thing that I can see about you at the moment is that that's going to weigh very heavily on your mind. You are... you're going to laugh when I say this I'm sure... "


"... you're not someone who is scrabbling around for money. You are comfortable."

"Yeah, I manage."

"You manage, and again part of that is something you would take credit for. It doesn't just happen."


"Some people are careful with money and some people aren't. You are careful. You can be cautious. Your extrovertism doesn't actually manifest itself in the way that some sort of superficial reading might indicate. I don't think you're the sort who puts on a red nose and starts entertaining everyone at the drop of a hat."

"But nonetheless you're not going to be scared to give your opinion. You're not going to wait around just being the wallflower whilst everyone else tells the funny stories and anecdotes. You have a fair grasp of things, of life, geography and history. You can talk about various subjects, not just related to what you do for a living."


"You have outside interests. You can talk about creative things, and writing, and music and this sort of thing."

"Mm-um." [plentiful agreement ]

"You also have an interest in history?"

"... okay, but this again is nothing to do professionally. I think again at the moment there's something here about relationships. I think there's an option very close to you..."

"...or in the very near future, where you have an option to say, well, something that's happening for you at the moment could take on a more permanent basis."

"Possibly, mmm."



"Okay. I mean, that's there, and we might have a look over here [ the future ] at what happens about that."


"And the other thing is that the kind of protectiveness that you've built around yourself over the years is going to be something which perhaps now and again, at the moment - and I say this just because I see it and I don't mean it too personally - it's something that you're going to have to shed a little bit of."


"Because you could come across to people as a little bit too armour-plated, a little bit too cold. Is this something you recognise in yourself?"

"It is. Okay, well I see it here. When we get this many swords and things, it's very difficult to avoid it [ picking up card ]. King of Swords. And it might be quite nice if you were able to emphasise more of the feminine..."


"Well, that's a slightly derogatory term, there are positive feminine attributes, or which are traditionally regarded as feminine traits! And I think you're also someone who is aware of politics but doesn't dwell on them too much."

"Because there's a lot of sense in you that politics is all the same and you always know what they're going to say so you can't really care much either way. Er, I'm just seeing correspondence of a financial nature which is going to affect... "

"What do you mean by correspondence?"

"Well, for example you could have recently been in touch with someone pursuing this option of whether your more creative side is viable or not."

"You've had a letter or some communication suggesting some input in that way."


"That's one of the more recent things I see, but it's going on in the present."

[ Enthusiastic agreement ]

"Okay, let's go over here [ future ]. I'm just going to turn over three, and then there's going to be three... what I'd like you to do is just nominate one of the last three. It's not a card trick or anything... "

"Pigeons won't fly out or anything? ...that one there." [ Laughter ]

"Okay that's the one we'll leave 'til last, because that's the decision card. Now then... Ace of Coins. Very good for financial... "


"...okay, let's just say that I don't think the next time Fortune compile their top 100 millionaires and millionairesses you're going to be on the list. But let's just say that the kind of financial good sense and management which is part of your life, and which you've shown all through your life... and which is something of a family trend, am I right?"

"Yeah OK. Grudgingly... that's fine."

"We can be wrong as well as right! This is going to develop and you'll have even more satisfaction in that regard. I don't really see you sitting under Waterloo in a cardboard box okay? [Note: this used to be a London euphemism for being homeless] So we've got coins. I think there is an option here definitely to... Page of Wands, Three of Wands... to take your own life in the direction that you want to."


"I think there is an ability here to perhaps, er you may decide that the next big novel's going to have your name on it. Or something you've written for TV is going to have your name on it or something like this. There is a creative urge here which is going to come to fruition, I know that... "

"Successfully ?"

"Well one of the things that the tarot refuses to do is deal in absolutes."


"Your version of success won't be the same as the next person's idea of success, so what do we consider successful?"

"To some people it's just measured in pound signs, to some people ... even if nobody ever sees what they've written..."

"Sure, that they've actually done it... "

"...that they've done it, and to some people all you need is to show it one person and if that person enjoys it, well one person's enjoyed it."


"So that's the kind of success. What I can see is that we have an ability here to take even more control of your own life than you already do. When we have this, the last of the arcana cards, 21, The World, it tends to pertain to somebody who, as it were, creates her own dominion."

"Mm-um." [ taking an interest in the card's meaning ]

"And I think that you know that in the future one of the things you're going to do is, er, you will have even more things in your own life sorted out. You will be living where you want to live. You will have around you the things and the people that you want to have around you. I don't see you ending up in the sort of blind alley that, sadly..."

"...some people do, let's admit it. And I think, there's the sort of people you have a coffee with them and all they do is moan about how everything's wrong in their lives. This isn't Susie. This isn't you."


"Now, as I say, I think health is always going to be good for you, no matter how often you come and see me or somebody else... "

"...I don't think we're going to be talking about horrible things happening."

"Uh-huh." [ agreeing this is unlikely ]

"Although there could be throat area problems that might have afflicted you in the past. You know, you could be one of the first people who goes down with a sore throat when the bug's going round."


"I don't know if that means anything to you... but it's that mild sort of thing."

"Right." [ disinterested, but not disagreeing ]

"Romance-wise... I see a lot more for you than perhaps you see for yourself."

"There is a scope here to apply the same kind of determination and decision-making... "


" somebody and say, you know, he might not know it at all but there's going to be a very productive partnership here."


"More than just a business relationship, okay. And that will probably be somebody that you meet with regard to this creative side of your life and impulses."


"Okay, you have actually asked me one direct question, which is about the success of your creativity. [ Consulting the last card ] Ah, this is where it would have been nice, for the sake of everything here, if I could have come up with some nice big resolution. We have the Six of Wands so let me talk about this card. What I can tell you is this, you're going to have to judge on your own terms what success means. I think perhaps it could be that you don't perhaps write the next John Le Carre, six is so sort of in the middle, you know the values."


"Well, average in some ways. You see wands are to do with people who use their own creativity and their own power and their own ability to do things. What I suppose the tarot is suggesting here is that Susie is going to go ahead and do what she wants to do, and that in itself is going to give you a great deal of satisfaction. But if you're going to go into it just for the money, forget it."

"There has to be another motivation, there has to be something deeper to you, and I think you realise this yourself in your own core."

"And that will be how you regard your own success. Hey, I mean if cheques start coming through the door, great!"


"If they don't, well you're not going to say, well that was the only way I was going to accept it. And I think that's the sort of answer that were getting."


"And we've had a look at where you've been, and where you are, and where you're going. And unless there's anything specific we want to go into, I'm quite happy to say I've done my best for you, and I hope that some of it made sense for you."

"Okay, lovely, thank you."

"And I think they want you to go and have a talk with somebody."

"Thank you and bye bye."

This concluded the reading. At the time, I had no idea what Susie made of it all, or what she would say. For all I knew, she could have been ready to loudly denounce me as an obvious fake.

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