The clients

The first client (Virgo) was a very likeable, gently-spoken woman, in her late forties or early fifties, with a trace of a South African accent. She was pleasantly plump rather than athletic, and dressed for comfort rather than style. After the reading, it later transpired that she was married, and had a modest interest in astrology.

The second client (Taurus) was a rather more confident young woman in her early twenties, and English. She was extremely slim and athletic, and her looks, make-up and stylish outfit made it clear she took great care over her appearance. Though polite and good-natured, she was clearly more noncommittal than the first. After I had completed the reading, it turned out that she was single, although in a long-term relationship, and was mildly sceptical about astrology.

I think you will agree these were very dissimilar women. All the more interesting, then, to see how they would react to the same identical reading.

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