Supplying a preemptive excuse for failure

In her introductory remarks, the psychic usually offers an up-front excuse for any outright failures which may arise later. She also makes it clear that she does not claim to get everything right all the time. For example, she might say something like:

"I'll be honest enough to admit to you now that I do sometimes make mistakes. It would be wonderful to be absolutely spot on all the time, but after all, I'm only human, and I can only do my best for you. Do you understand?"

This appears endearingly honest, and guides the client to view the psychic's efforts sympathetically. It also prepares the client to help as much as possible (most clients do not take any pleasure in seeing the psychic struggle).

Said in a cheerful and appeasing way, such remarks can get readings off to a flying start. The real purpose, of course, is to make it easier for the psychic to retreat from any completely wrong statements that she makes in the course of the reading.

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