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Cold reading is a versatile process. It can be used to deliver any kind of psychic reading. What is more, it seems to work on virtually any client, no matter how intelligent or sceptical they are. In fact, cold reading is so effective that there is literally only one way in which it can fail. If the client knows how cold reading works, and knows how to block it, then the cold reader is beaten.

By reading this far, you have learned how cold reading works. Armed with this information, you can probably begin to see for yourself how to block the cold reading process. In this section, I want to present you with five golden rules for blocking any attempt to use cold reading on you.

In case you want to try these rules out by actually going see a psychic, I need to mention one point about taping the reading.

Taping the reading

These days many psychics offer to tape the reading for you at very little extra cost, so you can review the tape at your leisure.

What you need to realise is that if the psychic is taping the reading, she controls the tape recorder and the tape. If she is unhappy with the way things have gone, she can and will refuse to hand over the tape. For example, if she has been forced to give up she may well make no charge (or refund your money) but at the same time refuse to let you have the tape. Plainly, it is not in her interests to have this intriguing souvenir of her abject failure freely available to anyone interested in hearing it. Who knows, you might want to play it to your friends. Or even to a local journalist, or to your local Trading Standards officer. If you are an incredibly wise, kind and thoughtful person, you might even want to send a copy to me!

For this reason, you need to make your own tape of the reading. You can do this covertly using a concealed microphone and recorder. Alternatively, you can do it openly by taking along your own portable tape recorder and plonking it down on the table. If you do it openly, the psychic may get rather wary and assure you that she is happy to tape the session for you. You bet she is! All you need to do is invent some reason why you prefer to do it for yourself, rather than rely on her 'kind offer'. Your reason does not necessarily have to make a whole lot of sense. Here are some ideas:

- you are something of an audio buff, and you prefer to use special high-formulation 'chrome tri-oxide ZR-II' tapes (make something up) which you think give best results

- you are a Capricorn and you are therefore fond of operating technical gadgetry

- you have borrowed the tape recorder from a friend who has offered to sell it to you, and you want to check out how well it works

- you were given the tape recorder by your partner, and he/she will feel hurt if you do not use their lovely gift

- you always feel it is best to do things for yourself

- you have regular psychic readings, once every four months, and you always tape them yourself

- a long time ago a very good psychic told you always to tape your own readings, as then they become more a part of your own spiritual life

So now, with your knowledge of cold reading and your trusty tape machine whirring away, you are ready to block the cold reading process. Here are the five golden rules.

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