Reprising with gold paint

This is another very important Presentational Point, and one which has boosted the success of many psychic readings. It simply involves the psychic reviewing and revising each section of the reading in a manner heavily biased in her own favour. This affects what the client remembers of the reading, Take this example:

"I sense that when you were quite young you had quite a serious accident, possibly involving water. Can you make sense of this for me?"

"Not really. There was something along those lines, but I wasn't really very young at the time."

In essence, the client has rejected the statement. However, she has hinted that there is some past event which could provide a partial match. The psychic now uses a standard manoeuvre to get around this miss, such as 'Wrong small print, right headline' (see the earlier section on The Win-Win Game). At the same time, she forks away from her initial statement with a little light humour:

"Well, something that happened when you were younger than you are now, we can agree on that!... "

"...and what I'm getting is an accident, an illness, something that laid you low for a while or had those around you worried. It's a very strong impression indeed."

'Yes, well if it's what I think it is, it was a car accident. But I was the cause, not the victim. I was about 19 and I hadn't been driving long."

Now the psychic is more or less home and dry. The client has provided all the information, and recalled an event which bears very little relation to the psychic's original offering. The psychic builds on this information, and at the same time starts introducing the Reprise:

"So, this car accident that I saw in your youth, the sense I get is that this is an event where you learned some lessons, and those lessons are still with you today. Lessons about your sense of responsibility, and the need to mix caution with confidence. I feel this has been an important area of inner growth for you, which could be why I got such a strong impression along these lines... "

In this reprise, the psychic has twice referred to having accurately seen this car accident from years ago. In fact, she mentioned no such thing. When the client thinks back over the reading, or tells others about it, she may well retain the impression that the psychic got this right.

Rapid reprise

Reprising with Gold Paint can be used in many psychic readings, and can be accomplished in the blink of an eye. To see what I mean, imagine a psychic is giving a spiritualist reading. Furthermore, suppose she has guessed - erroneously - that the person 'in spirit' is not a relative of the client, but a close personal friend. The psychic might say something like:

"And this person who's coming through, this is someone who you were very close to for many years, and you had a lot of good times together, isn't that right?"

"Well, if it's the person I'm thinking of, it's my father."

"Oh well in that case you certainly were very close weren't you? So this is making sense to you isn't it?".

"I thought so, and what your father is telling me is that he remembers playing with you on a holiday you had that was near the beach... "

The psychic has quietly shifted from "someone you were very close to" to "your father" but only after the client provided this identification. The psychic's original vagueness (or error, depending how you look at it) is quietly left to wilt on the vine of forgetfulness, and the client is left feeling that the psychic had more or less identified her father before she said a word.

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