Readings categorised by delivery

Psychic readings are delivered in four basic ways.

One-to-one, in person. The most common form of psychic reading is a one-to-one encounter between the psychic and the client. This may take place at the psychic's own den of mystical wonders, the client's own home, or at a psychic fair.

One-to-one, remote. The reading does not have to entail an actual meeting, since psychic services are available by phone, over the airwaves, by post, or via the internet.

Group readings. Psychics sometimes prepare readings for groups. For example, an astrologer may be asked to prepare a horoscope for a group of people deemed to have a common astrological chart (such as all the people in one sports team).

Public readings. Some of the more ambitious psychics give public demonstrations in front of large audiences. This is often the case with spiritualists.

Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics

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