Readings categorised by content

The content of readings varies considerably. For present purposes, it will suffice to list three main categories. In order of progressively greater scope, they are:

Health. Readings which focus primarily on issues of health and well-being. Aura readings often fall into this category. Other psychics may choose to specialise in this area e.g. reading the tarot specifically for health indications.

Personality & Character. Concerned not just with health but many other aspects of the client's character, personality and aptitude. For example, this is usually the case with graphology. These readings are sometimes graced with such elegantly pretentious names as 'a psychic character profile' or 'intuitive character analysis'. The nomenclature tends to be shaped by prevailing market trends.

General. Some psychics cover not just health and character, but also seem to perceive specific names, places, dates and events from the client's past, present and future. Clairvoyants usually fall into this category.

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