Providing room for interpretation

In the course of a reading, the client often hears more detail than the psychic provides. Given rather bland statements which leave room for interpretation, the client will often supply extra detail in her mind, which renders the statement more relevant to her own life.

This is perhaps one of the strangest aspects of presentational technique. It means the psychic can enjoy credit for knowing something when, in fact, she has no idea what she is being credited with knowing! Here is an example from one of my own readings:

"And I think that two to three years ago there was at least one romantic line which became entangled."

At the time I offered this statement, I did not know what relevance, if any, it would have to the client. She thought about it for a couple of seconds, and then remembered an incident to which she could make it refer. To this day, I have absolutely no idea what she was thinking about. The client had convinced herself that I was referring to this one, specific incident in her past. She said this was "exactly" what happened, adding that she preferred not to discuss it any further (the reading was being taped for television). This was my cue to appear kind and gallant, and I agreed to drop the subject - still without the faintest notion what 'the subject' was! (As with all my TV demonstrations, the true extent of my 'psychic' ability was tactfully revealed at a later stage.)

Clients provide this kind of supplementary detail both during the reading and also afterwards, when discussing what took place. A simple Fuzzy Statement like this:

"I see a process of transition which could be linked with the workplace"

can become remembered like this:

"...she also told me I was going to be changingjobs soon, which is true because next month I'm taking over the new regional office."

I have seen this happen on many occasions, with regard to my own readings and others. The psychic does not have to do anything to encourage this - it happens quite naturally. All the psychic has to do is play along with it, and take the credit.

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