Praising the caution

Another good disarming move is to praise the client's caution, and to express approval for her reluctance to embrace the psychic system on offer. Many psychics like to recycle neat little anecdotes about how they too are of a very sceptical cast of mind, and only accepted astrology (tarot / palmistry / reading entrails) because they discovered that it really does work. Here is how an astrologer might go about doing this:

"I can sense a degree of healthy scepticism in you, and let me say I absolutely applaud it. Believe me, no-one's more sceptical than I am. You probably feel there is a lot of mumbo-jumbo around, and I agree! Of course there is. And I think you're right to be sceptical - there's a lot to be sceptical about in this day and age isn't there? But listen, the only reason I became an astrologer was because I was able to discover for myself that it really does work, and that's what my clients tell me as well. It's the oldest science we have, and in some ways a very rational person like yourself stands to gain more from it than anyone else. So, let's get started shall we... "

And so the reading can begin. This preliminary spiel might not have any effect, but it will certainly not do any harm. At the very least, it stands a chance of building a degree of rapport.

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