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Master Mentalism and Magic Tricks

Revelation Effect Mentalism and Mind Reading

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This book is in six sections.

You are currently reading Section One. This introduces you to the book and to cold reading. Please read this before you read anything else - it will avoid a lot of misunderstandings.

Section Two tells you how cold reading actually works.

Section Three features two examples of cold reading taken from my own TV demonstrations, including the full text of a reading I gave which was deemed to be "99.9%" accurate!

Section Four deals with Blocking, or making sure cold reading cannot be used on you.

Section Five provides some Additional Notes which, if I were a better writer, I would have found a place for in the main text.

Section Six explores how cold reading techniques might apply to other, non-psychic contexts.

The Appendix contains chapter notes, supplementary material and references.

I recommend that you read the sections in order, since later sections build on the information in earlier ones.

Online supplement

There is a section on my website which serves as an ongoing supplement to this book. It contains frequently asked questions, noted errors, additional information, useful feedback and so on. Your contributions are, of course, very welcome.

At the time of writing, my website can be found at: www.ianrowland.com .

Everything on the web is prone to change, so if the above address does not work then you will simply have to find me via your favourite search engine. Alternatively, find a freshwater pond at midnight, thrice recite the mystical incantation 'Jacqueline Bisset', and then touch this book to the water. My current website address will then form upon the surface of the pool in shimmering letters.

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