Offering Sugar lumps

Another way to defuse sceptical attitudes was covered earlier, when we looked at 'Sugar Lump' statements i.e. offering the prospect of a pleasant emotional reward in return for believing. My other pet name for these is 'Soundbite Hugs'.

I first learned about Sugar Lump statements by being on the receiving end of one. At a psychic fair once, I was implored, to "open my heart as well as my mind" to the "warmth, love and guidance" that the psychic community can offer. I was also urged to avail myself of the "very real contribution" that psychic insights can provide in helping me achieve my goals.

I had my doubts at the time, and I still have them today. I am lucky enough to have plenty of warmth and love in my life, and I do not get it from highly irrational women wearing tacky pendants and too much make-up. As for my goals in life, I felt relatively safe ignoring long-term career advice from someone whose professional skill base consisted of warbling superstitious drivel while peering at some tatty tarot cards.

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