Looking good for the crowd

So far, this section has focused on presentational techniques which enhance the reading in the eyes of the client. There is one more presentational technique which is aimed at onlookers, rather than the client herself, and it a gem.

Psychics often give readings in circumstances where other people can see what is going on, although they cannot hear what is being said. This is often the case at corporate parties or fairgrounds, for example, where people can see (but not hear) the psychic and her current client sitting facing each other. In these circumstances, it is very impressive if people see that the client is nodding a great deal, and seems to be agreeing with the psychic's every word. All this nodding of the head and fervent agreement creates the impression that the psychic is dispensing many pearls of wisdom, all deadly accurate and intuitively sound.

However, the client's conspicuous nodding and outer signs of agreement may have nothing to do with the content of the reading. The psychic may simply be peppering her reading with nodding prompts. These include phrases such as "Can you hear what I'm saying?", "Can you hear me OK?" and "Can you understand the words I'm using?" This is an old ruse, but it works like a charm. We have already seen how important it is for the psychic to keep her reading clear and audible. However, the psychic can do this and at the same time employ a relatively soft tone of voice, supposedly in the spirit of confidentiality. If she does this, and liberally sprinkles her reading with nodding prompts, the client can be made to nod her head as if she were watching a yo-yo.

From a little distance away, this creates the perfect illusion of the client firmly endorsing every shimmering utterance which falls from the psychic's lips. This is very good for trade.

Progress Review

Section Two is sub-divided into seven sections, and so far we have covered five of them. First, we looked at The Set Up, or how the psychic tries to get the conditions right for a successful reading. Next, we looked at the actual content of the reading itself - the Principal Themes and what I called the Elements. Each element provides a different way of saying something that sounds suitably psychic in nature, without any need for real psychic faculties.

We have also looked at the Win-Win Game, or how psychics cover up mistakes during the reading. In the most recent section, we considered the different Presentational Points which are also part and parcel of the cold reading process.

The next area to consider is how all these methods and techniques are stitched together into a psychic reading.

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