Instant readings

The cold reading methods I have described in this book are quite elaborate, and can furnish detailed readings of almost any duration, with 25-30 minutes being typical. However, some psychics specialise in rapid-fire 'instant' readings, such as quick readings given during radio broadcasts.

In these situations, some psychics like to play safe and keep things as cautious and generalised as possible. They tend to rely on Barnum Statements, Pollyanna Pearls, Veiled Questions and so on, all of which lend themselves very well to instant readings. It is not a problem if the reading comes across as rather bland. They can always point out that they would normally give the clients a much more detailed reading, but for the purposes of a lively radio show they have to keep things moving along. This serves as a good advertisement for personal consultations which, I feel sure, will be very reasonably priced.

Others may throw caution to the winds and include many more Good Chance Guesses, Lucky Guesses and Folk Stat Statements, and take the risk of being wrong as often as they are right. There is no harm done, since only the impressive hits will be remembered. The psychic can also attribute the misses to the very circumstances of trying to give quick readings over the airwaves (who knows, maybe radio waves interfere with psychic ones?).

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