Insist questions are recognised as such

The earlier section on 'Extracting Information' detailed many different ways in which cold readers can ask questions without making this obvious. Do not let the psychic get away with this. If you detect that you are being asked a question, your first move is to clarify that this is indeed what is happening. You can say something like this:

"I'm sorry, but I'm confused. Let me just be clear about this -are you telling me something, or are you asking me to give you information?".

This forces the central issue out into the open - are you receiving information, or being asked to provide it? As we have already seen, psychics dress their questions in numerous disguises. Your aim is to make it clear that these disguises will not work on you. If the psychic uses information prompts such as "Can you find a connection?" or "Does this mean something to you?", it is important that you recognise these as questions, and drag this recognition out into the open:

"Just let me understand this correctly - are you now telling me something, or are you asking me to tell you something? Is that a question?".

This is important preparation for blocking technique number 3.

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