Am wrong now but I will be right soon

The rejection is attributed to the fact that the truth will not become evident for some time. Here is a simple example:

"I see the initials J and T. Do these mean something to you?"

"Are you quite sure?"

"Well, watch out for them because it's quite a definite impression, so they're coming up very soon, all right?"

This formula can be used the other way around. The psychic can offer a statement which refers to the future, and hastily re-shape it to fit the present if necessary:

"I also foresee that you, or someone close to you, will be moving house in the near future."

"Oh, well actually wejust finished moving last week!"

"Is that right?! Well I could see you moving house, and for some reason I thought it was coming up in a week or so. Time is rather a fluid concept in the tarot... "

7. I am wrong, but it doesn't matter

The psychic makes the error seem a trivial distraction of no consequence. Example:

"And this house you lived in at the time, I see a number 2 on the door. That's right isn't it?"

"Well, all right, I'm obviously confused about the exact number but not to worry, this house that I'm seeing is the important thing, and the reason I want to mention this house is that... "

The psychic goes on to something completely different, with the problematic numeral entirely forgotten.

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