Am wrong in fact but right emotionally

The psychic accepts she was wrong in terms of plain fact, but claims she was correct in terms of the client's inner needs or wants or desires.

Here is an example I remember from a reading given by an entertainer in the same field as myself. Giving a demonstration for a journalist who had been born and raised in Ireland, he offered this statement:

"You used to have your hair long when you were younger, didn't you?"

'No, I've always worn it short, actually. Where I grew up we weren't allowed to have long hair."

My friend, thinking quickly, correctly guessed that if a young girl is forbidden to wear her hair long, she will probably develop a strong desire to do so. He therefore offered this follow-up statement:

"Ah, but you wanted to wear it long, didn't you?!"

The client agreed, and this was accepted as a hit! In fact, it was taken as evidence that the 'psychic vibrations' reveal our inner selves, not just outward appearances.

Another common example arises when discussing a client's youthful activities or early career ambitions. If the psychic suggests to the client that she was quite athletic when younger, this may be right or may be wrong. If wrong, it is usually worthwhile for the psychic to at least try offering a follow-up statement along these lines:

"Well, maybe you didn't pursue sports very much, but there are indications here of at least an interest, or a desire to, even if you didn't actually fulfil them."

This kind of modification often results in at least a partial agreement, which salvages the miss and converts it into a near-hit.

In many contexts, this kind of 'emotionally correct' hit is even more valued by clients than plain old factual accuracy, since it seems to hint that psychic gifts operate at some deeper, more profound level. This is often considered an intriguing and entertaining prospect. The rather mundane and uninspiring truth is that the psychics are simply offering excuses for failure which are as inventive as they are transparent. They do this with confidence, knowing that no client is ever likely to say this:

"Ah, but you didn't say anything about what I wanted. You actually said I had long hair when I was young. If this had been true, you would have claimed this as evidence of your psychic ability But it isn't true, and yet you still want the credit for being right. This is patently absurd."

Then again, if a fair number of people read Section Four of this book there may be more than a few clients prepared to challenge psychics in this manner.

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