How the explanation is structured

The rest of this section is divided into seven sub-sections. They are:

The Set Up (next page). Techniques used by the psychic to get the session off to a good start, before the reading itself begins.

The Principal Themes. The themes which provide the framework for the reading.

The Elements of the Reading. The different kinds of statements and questions from which the reading is constructed. 38 different elements are described, divided into 4 chief groups.

The Win-Win Game. How the psychic can turn a 'miss' into a 'hit', and otherwise recover from errors.

Presentational Points. Aspects of presentation which can enhance the reading's effectiveness.

Putting It All Together. How the psychic weaves all the above into a successful reading.

Coping With Sceptics. How the psychic copes with highly sceptical or 'difficult' clients.

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