How it works 47 The Win Win Game

So far we have looked at the Set up, the Principal Themes, and the Elements involved in the cold reading process.

It should be clear that these elements can deliver wonderful hits, and are likely to do so in many cases. However, this can never be guaranteed in all cases. There are going to be times when the psychic offers a particular statement which the client firmly rejects.

If this happens, the psychic uses one of the methods below to get out of trouble, fix the damage, and carry on as if nothing had happened. In other words, if the statement is a hit, the psychic wins, and if it is a miss, the psychic wins anyway!

What follows is a list of 11 ways in which psychics deal with negative responses. They are in no particular order, except that number 1 is always the best, and number 11 is always the last resort.

Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics

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