How it works 37 The Elements of the Reading

So far we have looked at The Set Up, and the Principal Themes around which the reading is built. But what does the psychic actually say?

For very simple readings, the psychic may rely on what is more or less a set text, or limited variations on a largely unchanging script. However, such readings are seldom very convincing, and do not constitute cold reading in the true sense.

Cold reading does not involve a rehearsed script. It consists of numerous different types of statements (and questions) which can appear more significant or meaningful than they really are. I am going to call each type of statement an 'element'. The cumulative effect of these elements is to create the illusion that a reading of a psychic or mystical nature is taking place.

I am going to describe the 38 most useful and productive elements I know. I have given them pet names for ease of reference and readability, and divided them into four groups:

Body Language Basics

Body Language Basics

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