Encouraging cooperative interpretation

The psychic takes care to mention that the tarot is not an exact science - it involves some elements of interpretation. She might use other terms, such as 'intuitive understanding' or 'sensitivity'. The point is to foster the notion that both she and the client are supposed to work together and co-operate. For example, the psychic might say something like:

"I won't necessarily always know exactly what the cards are trying to say. Sometimes, it's not very clear, like looking through a mist, and the exact meaning will actually be clearer to you than it is to me! So do bear that in mind, won't you?"

This encourages the client to see herself as an active participant in the reading, rather than a passive and mute recipient of the psychic's wisdom. The real point, obviously enough, is to encourage the client to volunteer information and to help the psychic get things right. Many clients require little persuasion to do this, and some turn out to be breathtakingly supportive. If the psychic offers a statement which is simply wrong, some clients actually apologise for not being able to see how it fits!

This is one of the most important aspects of the Set Up, and one which applies to many different kinds of psychic readings. The basic gist is always the same: the cards, stars, vibrations, spirit voices or whatever are less than 100% clear, therefore (stated) the client should help with the interpretation, and therefore (implied) the client should volunteer information as and when necessary.

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