Emphasising the conditional

Psychics place the emphasis on could / would / should statements which refer to possibilities, rather than facts. Why? Because then they cannot be wrong! A moment's consideration should make this clear. If a client is told she is very creative, she may think this is true, or then again she may not. If she is told she could be very creative, or that she should be exploring her creative side more, she cannot disagree.

There are numerous constructions and expressions which turn an 'is' to a 'could be', and psychics use them all. For example, take a simple piece of Fine Flattery, like this:

"You are very good with people, and know how to develop rapport."

This is a fairly safe piece of flattery, and few clients are going to offer any resistance to the idea. However, some unusually honest and self-critical clients might venture to disagree, and claim that they are terrible with people! In this situation, consider all these variants open to the psychic:

"You have the potential to be very good with people..."

"There are aspects of your character which suggest you might well be good with people... "

"There are indications that you could be a good people-person... "

"The impression I have is that you ought to be very good at handling people, given the right opportunities to develop this side of your character..."

"You should be very good with people. If you don't think you are, then something's blocking this potential within you... "

All of these variations are unfalsifiable, and cannot be demonstrably wrong. It is not hard to take almost any piece of plain, factual observation and wrap it in the secure blanket of a could / would / should statement.

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