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This book is not about whether genuine psychics exist. I leave you to decide this for yourself.

I get plenty of correspondence from people who are absolutely positive that psychic ability exists, and roughly as much again from people who are absolutely positive that psychic ability is moonshine. This debate has been going on forever, never goes anywhere, and never will. It is inherently sterile, not to say tedious.

In the unlikely event that anyone wants my opinion, based on over twenty years dabbling in the subject, I would say that in purely rational terms there is currently no good reason to believe in psychic ability. I believe that in every case of an individual claiming to have psychic ability, the psychic hypothesis is neither necessary nor sufficient.

However, the other answer I often give is that 'psychic powers are as real as you want them to be', which I think is true. To a person who wants to believe in psychic power, or any other chimera, the 'evidence' is whatever supports the belief, and anything else is deemed irrelevant.

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