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In a supposedly psychic reading, you are paying to receive information, not to provide it. Hence whenever you are asked a question, or otherwise prompted for information, you are entitled to decline to offer information. There are many fair and polite ways of doing this. Here is one fairly direct approach. Remember, it is vital to remain good-natured and encouraging:

"Ifyou don't mind, I'd prefer not to answer questions. I'm more interested in what you can tell me, rather than what I can tell you. So please carry on with the reading. I'm sure it will be fascinating."

A useful addition, if you need it, is to provide a rationale which is supportive of psychic ability, like this:

"I have some sceptical friends who like to think fake psychics just prompt their clients for information, and then sort of feed it back somehow and twist it around to look psychic. I want to make sure I don't provide any information, so that I can assure my friends that you're different, and your psychic abilities are genuine."

When you get more direct prompts, such as "Tell me, who is Jane?", a good line is to point out that the question is meaningless, which it is. You could say something like this:

"I'm sorry, I don't understand the question. 'Who is Jane?' doesn't mean anything. Could you be a little clearer what you're getting at?"

It can also be useful for blocking purposes to point out that the psychic is (supposedly) the one with access to information:

"You must excuse me, but I'm not sure I follow this. You're asking me a question, 'Who is Jane?'. Well, how am I to know? I'm not psychic. I hoped the tarot [ or whatever ] was going to answer questions for me, not that I was going to answer questions for the tarot."

Another time-honoured blocking technique is simply to answer a question with a question. After all, if the psychic can ask questions, so can you! Carrying on with the same "Who is Jane" example as above, you could come back with:

"Which Jane do you mean?"

"What's her surname?"

Either of these responses are poisonous to the cold reading process, but perfectly fair for a genuine psychic. Why should the tarot be able to deliver first names but not surnames?

If the situation becomes argumentative, your line should be to remain calm and unruffled, and address the issue directly, like this:

"I don't understand this. Are you saying that you are unable to give me a reading unless I give you information first? I feel that would be like me talking to a mirror. I'm having trouble understanding what's meant to be psychic about this."

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