About the female pronoun

Throughout this section I have used the female pronoun when referring to the psychic and the client. Male psychics and clients do exist, but they are very much in the minority.

Why are most clients women?

It is interesting to speculate why the great majority of clients are female. It has nothing to do with gullibility, and anyone spouting such views should be tied up in a sack and jumped up and down on until they promise to talk sense. I think there are two possible reasons. The first is that many social and cultural factors encourage women to credit themselves with 'intuitive' gifts. This in turn may make them more receptive to the notion of someone being able to know things which are, by normal means, unknowable.

Secondly, social and cultural factors also encourage men to cultivate an image of strength and independence, and to seek outside advice runs contrary to this image. Women are less prone to this type of insecurity, and are generally readier to consult others for guidance.

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