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I have worked with some of the leading psychics in the world today. have been exposed to Geller and Kreskin as well as other leading psychics, and I can truly say I have never been more impressed with another person than I am with Dr. Tom Saville. Dr. Tom, as I shall refer to him, Is the Director of the Healing Mind Center in Denver, Colorado, and Is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Metropolitan State College, Denver, Colorado. Dr. Tom is a uniquely gifted and talented individual. He is extremely perceptive, knowledgeable, intuitive, and talented. There are many people who teach, instruct or counsel that really should be in some other line of work. Dr. Tom is definitely not one of those, but rather Is an exceptional and gifted teacher and counselor. He has a Doctorate in Social Psychology, but has really earned an additional advanced degree in the school of life. He has deep insight. He reads people very well, and has immense and immediate understanding, both from his formal training and from his interest in people.

I am very impressed with his abilities, his organization, his dedication and his industry. He has a very deep perspective into the field of parapsychology. I have had the privilege, the honor, the pleasure of participating in some research with Dr. Tom, and I know how he is and how he works. His students are exceedingly fortunate to have the opportunity to be exposed to a man of his caliber, his far-reaching intellect, his genuine care and concern for others. It is a real honor and pleasure to work with such a person. Anyone who has watched him can only be impressed by his creative and inventive mind, his thoroughness, his professionalism - as a Psychologist, as a Psychic entertainer, as a person- I can truly say that a book of this caliber would not be possible without his efforts.

Herb Dewey

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