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Practically all stage mentalists, when presenting a 'question and answer' act, concern themselves ONLY with giving ANSWERS to the questions. This type of presentation will be tremendously effective. If properly done, BUT why should not the stage performer add to his EFFECTIVENESS by using some of the technique of the COLD READER?

The stage performer has the benefit of KNOWING the question and some of the details of the situation. He has the further advantage of knowing the patron is not likely to CONTRADICT him publicly if an error is made. His purpose is to impress the BULK of the audience, rather than the individual.

The stage performer can not only answer the question, but build a most effective thumbnail 'cold reading' around the patron - project the situation into the future, and predict the 'arrival of a letter bearing glad tidings, a new heart interest, an unexpected legacy and other pleasing expectations. ' These need not be in the realm of fancy, as careful analysis of the individual, plus the KNOWN question and a little psychology will reveal.

There are certain LIMITATIONS in regards the stage or platform performance, but more INTERESTING, COLORFUL and PLEASANT ANSWERS can be given IF this technique is applied.

Much of the statistical background, facts of life and general technique, as herein outlined, can be utilized to great advantage by the stage mentalist.

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