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"My friend, please be seated. I am glad that you have taken this opportunity to consult with me, because I definitely feel that I can touch upon the conditions that trouble you, and help you overcome this situation. At the present time, you are troubled and of a confused mind. You don't appear to know whether exactly which way to turn, and you realize that soon you will have to make an important decision. Right now, situations do call for a clear thinking and logical decisions. I see you walking down a path - may I suggest that it is a lonely path, because you walk alone with your thoughts. The path divides into two paths - and you don't know which to follow."

"Things are not progressing so well for you domestically and in financial affairs. In a manner of speaking you seem to be held back -always just short of your goal. For your efforts and energy expended, you do not feel you are making the proper progress. You feel that circumstances surrounding you are not favorable or evil, and you want to throw off this yolk, and express your true self."

"I do see others about you - many people, most of whom you can regard as true friends. However, there is ONE person that stands out. This person seems to have a great deal of influence over you - and that is the source of some of your worry and anxiety."

"However, let me say that worry never remedied any situation, only makes it worse. It is going to be necessary that we reach the bottom of this trouble, carefully analyze it and put you on the straight path. This disturbing element has caused you much frustration, delays and uncertainties in your pathway."

"Your personal magnetism is quite strong, and has been a big factor in overcoming many adverse influences. You do possess a power to charm and fascinate others with whom you come in contact, yet you are most susceptible to the influences of others - and not always for your own good. You are now in a cycle of unsettled conditions, which is slowly but surely changing for the better. However, rather than to just 'wait and see what happens', you must settle your mind by logical decisions and action. You are still - 'Master of your Fate - Captain of your Soul' -if you will but heed my words."

"First, a few words of advice - I perceive a figure about you, which indicates a long span of life. It is quite probable you will live longer than most members of your family - possibly to the age of 80 to 85 years. Your life will always be marked with certain minor ups and downs. Your life should be reasonably free of personal injuries, serious illness and accidents. Precautions should be taken to avoid a very nervous disturbing condition, some stomach disorders and a glandular distur bance later on. By the proper living and care, most of these things will take care of themselves."

"You are concerned about financial conditions, which have never proven entirely satisfactory to you. You wish to improve this situation, but feel you have been restrained, and that it is beyond your reach. As I previously told you, the unfortunate cycle of life is now passing, and conditions are far better in the near future for you. I see improved financial conditions - more money coming to you thru better conditions. Part of this will be brought about thru a new friend, who will do much to help you. This party will soon recognize and learn to lean upon you."

"Investments made later on, especially along the lines of property and real estate, should prove most beneficial to you. Once you have overcome this feeling of uncertainty and frustration, you will be quite competent to manage your own affairs, and thus should progress. A change a little later on is denoted, and should prove most beneficial to you."

"Glancing back into your life, I see you as a person who has suffered by a near tragedy or great loss. This was either experienced by you or someone very near to you. There have been moments of tears and sorrow -that dread feeling of frustration. As you grow older, you have become more balanced and are now determined to forge your path to greater happiness and contentment."

"The opposite sex are friendlier to you, than your own sex, and I see how this one - maybe two, persons whose influence has strongly acted upon your mind. Is not this person very near and dear to you? (QUESTION) I thought so. Down in your heart you feel that much has been denied you. You appear to live a sort of double life - one physical, and the other mental or imaginary."

"I want you to pull yourself back to reality - to carefully study the situation, as it actually exists. I see your judgment coming to the fore with sound, logical decisions that will bring about many of your secret desires and ambitions."

There appears to be something - something that you just can't put your finger on - that keeps this person from being nearer to you. It seems no matter how hard you try to please this person - that your efforts are not appreciated. This is not exactly so - for this person is naturally adapted to you, and could make your life very happy. This person is influenced by others in a manner that is not exactly favorable to you. This adverse influence can be removed."

"I get another person (man or woman) of medium height - with dark hair. You have never really been sure this person is a true friend, and I might add that you are in danger of being deceived by this person. I believe your own intuition tells you this! Is that true?"

"There is another person - fairer, and with light hair that presents a most favorable influence and friendship. This person should be cultivated, as they can mean much to you in the future. There are many people around you who are jealous of you and your success. While they are not in position to cause serious trouble, they certainly bear watching. As this cycle of life proceeds, your judgment will become more sound and dependable. You will then make decisions without being plagued with confusion of mind - not knowing which way to turn."

"You appear to possess considerable psychic ability and should, once you have overcome these negative thoughts and mental confusion, be able to help others with this great gift. Your impressions and premonitions are nearly always correct, but you do not follow them. Therein, lies some of your difficulties. You should always be heedful of these impressions and warnings, as they can make your path thru life much brighter, happier and more successful. Such psychic impressions should enable you to avoid much deceit and unhappiness."

"More than one marriage is indicated in your life. One that is moderately successful, yet lacking in many things you desire - the other a successful marriage. There is some money connected with you, and I perceive that you will come into possession of money, not a great amount, but certainly substantial enough to be greatly appreciated and utilized. There will be delays, disputes and possibly some legal action before this is consummated. There is significance of importance surrounding the signing of a paper, which appears to be a legal document. I do not believe you recognize this situation at this time - but will later on."

"You will very shortly receive some news that will surprise you. Not especially bad news, or good, although it could have a very significant bearing on your life. This appears to come to you thru word of mouth. In the meantime, someone appears to be watching you closely, so be on your guard."

"Very soon you will receive a letter bringing glad tidings, or an invitation to you. A little later in life, I foresee considerable travel for you. Travel greater than enjoyed by the average person. This movement will bring you in contact with many new friends and acquaintances, which will contribute much to your pleasure and welfare."

"While there are several disturbances of the heart - I am speaking of affairs of the heart and not illness - I do feel that love surrounds you, and eventually will make up for all you feel you have missed earlier in life. Everyone is entitled to certain amounts of happiness, and this, too, can be yours."

"When things do not go 'right' , you become very disappointed and melancholy. This is a very disturbing factor, and hinders your progress as well as threatens your health. You appear to allow your emotions to run from the very heights to the lowest depths. More than once the thoughts of suicide has entered your mind. This is perhaps natural due to an emotionally disturbed mind, and naturally you should not permit yourself to harbor negative and distressing thoughts. They are most harmful."

"The present year can be deemed a good year for you, however, the three succeeding years should offer you more than you have enjoyed in the past. During 19—, however, beware of illness, especially nervous disorders. The figure two dominates your life, which is indicative of the two marriages I mentioned. Business changes, transactions and undertakings should be made early in the week. These days appear the most auspicious for you. The best day of the week is Monday. You should eventually acquire considerable wealth, and I do not see you in want, or distress in any way."

"To return to the present, the influence which now surrounds you is what psychologists term 'antagonistic influences', and causes you to feel blue, defeated and discouraged. This is because surrounding occult influences would harmonize your life and bring about your fondest desires. It would bring you an idealistic state of love, harmony, happiness and success - everything that is desired by you."

"Now, if you have any specific questions that I have not touched upon in this reading, you have the privilege of asking them - but first please concentrate your mind on your first and most important question.

After the client has heard the above reading - applied, of course, to the individual - they are confused as to what was actually said, and will come forward with direct questions for further clarification. It is here the reader drives home the important points, which are long remembered by the client.

The above reading is given only as GENERAL PATTER lines, built upon the frame work of the twelve general divisions. It is far from all inclusive, as every reading will be different planned directly upon the reader's analyzation of the client.

This SAMPLE reading is GENERAL in material, because it is not upon any individual. The stop and go signs will be revealed in the client's reactions.

To supplement the above sample reading, here are many fine patter lines and paragraphs that should be used, as the reader sees fit.

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